Christmas Sweater

When Christmas is just around the corner, we start thinking about what we want to knit for the festive season. Presents and decorations are usually top of the list. But why not treat yourself to a more or less patterned sweater? Christmas sweaters have long been a tradition in English-speaking countries, often in the "ugly" version - i.e. far too kitschy and far too colorful. We would rather concentrate on the "finest knitted" designs. In this inspiration, we show you designs that we would immediately wear under the Christmas tree. We like them colorful, patterned - but they're knitwear!

Every year the Christmas knit comes around again

Fir trees on the pass: Skog Genser.
Photo: © Sandnes

We are slowly starting with plain patterned yokes. They are really chic! You can conjure up the most beautiful patterns from hole patterns and increases and decreases. They can look like lace. And lace is always elegant when used discreetly, isn't it? If you then choose a pretty Christmas color like pine green, candy cane red or snow white, your sweater will be the eye-catcher of the season. Structured patterns fit perfectly: they add a certain amount of elegance to a cozy outfit. Ideal for a casual Christmas Eve with the family - cozy enough to open presents but still chic enough for the traditional family photo with the Christmas tree.

And if the yoke pattern is as wonderfully reminiscent of Christmas trees as the Skog Genser from Sandnes, you're perfectly equipped for the festive season. The very brave can decorate their sweater with small Christmas baubles for the festive season 😉.

Skog Genser with Christmas decorations.
Photo: © Louisa Müller-Gauditz

In the Christmas knitting workshop

Oh, Christmas tree at the Cecilie Skog Traer Genser til barn.
Photo © Sandnes Garn

We always love knitting for children and especially at Christmas, of course. If you've already provided everyone with Christmas stockings à la PetiteKnits Christmas Stocking or Christmas hats, how about some cute Christmas sweaters for the little ones? A beautiful, Christmassy basic color, a few playful details and the Christmas sweater is ready. Let's admit it, sweaters like this always look cute on children. If you don't really dare to go all out for Christmas for yourself, you can simply go all out for the kids.

Come all ye Christmas sweaters, oh come all ye

But we're actually here because we want to make the most of the whole range of patterns for ourselves, aren't we? We want sweaters with little Christmas images all over them! Reindeer, Christmas trees, stars, hearts, bells, snowmen ... Christmas becomes even more magical when Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer shines from the sweater.

Festive Yoke Sweater
Lots of pattern but still not overloaded: Festive Yoke sweater
Photo © Skeindeer Knits
It could hardly be more Christmassy: Julegenser.
Photo © Sandnes Garn

Knitting with the Christmas patterns certainly won't be boring! It's a shame that these sweaters will have to wait almost a whole year for their next use. Although Christmas trees and snowflakes can be worn all winter long. That all speaks in favor of knitting more than one sweater!

Oh Christmas sweater, oh Christmas sweater, how beautiful is your yoke

Above we had the discreetly elegant textured pattern fits. But we should definitely take another look at sweaters with a colorful patterned round yoke. If you don't feel quite so comfortable with all-over patterns, but still want a little more color for Christmas, sweaters with this design element are just the thing. It's guaranteed not to make anyone feel like Bridget Jones' Ugly Sweater. It's all beautifully tasteful - just knitwear. The design patterns range from fir trees and ice crystals to holly branches and Christmas tree baubles. You're sure to find the right motif for you! And come to think of it: You could conjure up matching sweaters for the whole family. Instead of wearing brightly colored pyjamas, the family can spend the holidays in cosy sweaters!

Cheerful yarn splendor everywhere

In the Maschenfein store you will find a variety of designs. As far as cozy yarns and needle sizes are concerned, you can go according to your preferences.
However, multi-colored designs are best knitted with yarns that are not too smooth. The threads should be able to "hook" into each other a little so that the motifs don't slip. This makes multi-colored knitting much easier. But of course you can also knit your dream sweater from a smooth superwash yarn or cotton yarn. As is almost always the case with our favorite hobby: almost anything is possible. So just try it out!

Not only the Christmas tree is needling

Of course, don't forget the right needles for your project. We now have so many great manufacturers in our store - everyone should be able to find the right set. Of course, we will be happy to help you if you have any questions about the different systems. Our tip: Try out a single pair of needles to see if you like the feel before investing in a whole set. And: We have found that some yarns knit better on metal - and vice versa. It is therefore worth having one or the other needle in both versions in stock. This works particularly well with the manufacturer Chiagoo.

Have yourself a merry little christmas, let your heart be light

Take a look at our latest kits from time to time. Jule and Mary-Anne are always adding new wool packages and knitting kits for beautiful Christmas sweaters until shortly before Christmas. Have fun browsing and Merry Christmas!


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