First, it comes differently and secondly than you think ... Oh yes: First, welcome to the Saturday coffee! Actually, I wanted to share with you today to welcome a few autumn impressions - colorful leaves, great light conditions, autumnal fragrance (can you also smell seasons?).

But then in London an institution has started its last journey. I'm sure you've all heard that Queen Elizabeth II passed away a few days ago at the ripe old age of 96. As a native of Hanover, living in Schleswig-Holstein, my interest in the English royal family was, so to speak, born in my cradle. And so I was actually a little affected when I read the news of her death. 70 years as head of state and head of the Anglican Church - if that's not constancy, I don't know what is.

Isn't that exactly what many of us knitters long for? Consistency and reliability? I am absolutely convinced that this is exactly why we indulge in our favorite hobby. Knitting a few rounds on the couch in the evening, drinking a hot cup of tea or a glass of wine. For me, it's exactly these rituals that are my fixed points in everyday life. Wouldn't it be a dream if we could continue these little routines even when we're over 90?

So that we do not run out of ideas until then (haha!), I have brought you today a colorful mix of knitting inspirations. Accessories, sweaters, cardigans - there is something for everyone!

Off to the mountains at least in the figurative sense. The Mountain Mist Sweater from Tin Can Knits makes you want to hike over snow-covered peaks. I as a northern light would probably need an oxygen tank at all peaks with more than 100 m height, but you can have a dream.

The sweater is a pretty basic piece with an understated multicolored pattern in the round yoke.

The designer loves to take photos in the mountains. The incoming light makes nearby peaks appear dark and distant mountains apear bright. This observation she picks up again in the sweater.

So, if you want to recreate the ombré effect in a similar way, you will need four colors from one color family. Since the sweater is worked top down without seams, start with the lightest color and end with the darkest on the body and sleeves.

If you like to knit with more muted shades, we recommend Heavy Merino from Knitting for Olive. Alternatively Loch Lomond (BC Yarn) also has some brighter colors for you.

Can also be used on polar expeditions: the Mountain Mist Sweater. Photo: © Tin Can Knits.

One bag, have everything!

"Gym bags" used to be out, now they're a must-have! Photo: © Wool & Pine.

I have to admit, the designs of Wool & Pine have done it to me. Therefore I would like to introduce the Whidbey Bag.

I would succinctly call the shape a "gym bag", but I'm sure there's a much fancier name for it (fashionistas to the rescue!) 😉

But names are just smoke and mirrors. We're only interested in the hard facts: Knitting or crocheting? With seams? With fleece or without?

Here are the answers: You knit the bag top down and don't have to sew anything together. You can make the I-cord by hand or you can treat yourself like me to the Knitting Mill by Prym.

Here it comes: Once again, this design is ideal to use your left overs. As a base and so that the bag has enough stability, we suggest a cotton yarn. Organic Cotton (Krea Deluxe) or Summer in Kashmir (BC Yarn) match wonderfully here.

For the color dots, you can now draw inspiration from your wool supplies. The weight is rather secondary, because you will weave in the scraps later by hand, so they are not knitted.

If you want to fill up your leftover basket, you are welcome to do so at Smart or Double Sunday (both Sandnes). We recommend you to weave in these two qualities double stranded.

The perfect use of leftovers! Photo: © Wool & Pine.

Hand charm for autumn

These cuffs are a great in-between project. Photo: © Arienne Grey.

Lately, we've been suggesting socks as a little project to do on the side. The other day I noticed (also once) that mitts fulfill the same function - and you don't even have to knit a heel.

Cloudburst by Arienne Grey are hand flatterers of the delicate variety. Equipped with a fine lace pattern they accompany you through cool autumn days and always look chic.

Use Alpaca Silke (Sandnes) to conjure up a silky shimmer in the little in-between project. You like it fluffier? No problem, just use Cashmere Lace BIO from Pascuali.

The free pattern for Cloudburst contains one size. If you want to knit especially large or small hands, you would have to experiment a little with the number of stitches in the stockinette stitch part.

The All Around Happy Cardigan

The Douglas-Cardi by Andrea Mowry has been on my want-to-knit list for quite a while.

Why? To my taste, it has everything a cozy cardigan needs: pockets (!), V-neck, buttons, wide cuffs and, of course, stripes. All these details are fun to knit and even more so to wear out the pretty jacket.

You knit top down, without annoying sewing together. Oh yes, did I mention the overcut shoulders? Gosh, I just do not know why I haven't cast it on yet....

Here are our recommendations for suitable yarn qualities: If you are looking for the highest possible cuddle factor, it's best to go for Bergamo from Lamana. You are more into cuddly knits PLUS fleece? Then the combination of Double Sunday and Tynn Silk Mohair (both from Sandnes) is exactly your thing!

The cardigan that can do it all. Photo: © Andrea Mowry.

Clean lines, fine design

A clear stitch definition comes into its own here. Photo: © Emily Greene.

For me, I have newly discovered the designer Emily Greene. She writes herself that her designs are inspired by graphic patterns and her professional background (architecture).

And so the sweater Citrine Light also arrives with me: Clean lines and finely worked with a very even stitch definition. The focus here is clearly on the shoulders, which are worked from twisted stitches.

You knit from the top down, shaping the neck first with short rows. The special construction of the overcut shoulders allows you to mix different sizes of sleeves and body.

Now to the material: To be able to work these clear lines, we recommend you the pure merino yarn Cheeky Merino Joy from Rosy Green Wool.

The shoulder is a real eye-catcher. Photo: © Emily Greene.

Color meets construction

Sycamore Sweater
Sycamore Sweater. Photo: © PetiteKnit.

We all know and love the designs of Mette aka PetiteKnit. Often the Dane puts the focus on a particular construction or detail and keeps the rest of the knit relatively simple.

The Sycamore sweater is different. It convinces me on the one hand by its cut (saddle shoulders! I mean...). On the other hand, it is worked with a very special kind of stripes, each running from narrow to wide.

You achieve this shape with the help of short rows, which form here not only the neck, but also the stripes inside the sweater. They are also real color accents! The mottled effect is achieved by knitting different yarns and colors at the same time. And you know what? Jule has conveniently made directly a knitting kit for it!

As main color we have chosen Heavy Merino from Knitting for Olive for you. For the stripes we had to experiment a bit. For you we have tested and found extremely good a mixture of Merino (double stranded) and Soft Silk Mohair (both Knitting for Olive).

Since you are knitting the stripes with a total of three threads, you can go really colorful and choose three different colors. If you want to keep the color accents a bit more simple, but still like the mottled effect, just take one color for the two strands Merino and another color for Soft Silk Mohair.

Maschenfein x Franziska Klee

It's finally that time again! Please all get out the notebooks and note in red: From September 16 to 25, our new slot for products from our collaboration with Franziska Klee will run.

Double pointed needles bag Mira
Bag for Double Pointed Needles Mira. Photo: © Franziska Klee.
Project bag Mona. Photo: © Ines Grabner/Maschenfein.
Stitch marker case Maki
Stitch marker case Maki. Photo: © Franziska Klee.

So if you have long wished for the Project bag Mona you can make this dream come true from September 16 to 25.

We always deliberately open small sales lots, because Franzi and her team make the products exclusively to order. This means that we only pass on all orders collected to Franzi after the end of the sales slot. Only after that (!) the production starts. The delivery of your order will therefore take longer than usual. But you can be sure to get a product made only for you from the best materials.

Take a look at our Inspiration and learn more about the collaboration between Maschenfein and Franziska Klee.

New - New - New

And who spotted it in the pictures above? That's right, Marisa and Franzi have come up with two new products that will be waiting for your order from September 16th. The double pointed needles bag Mira is the perfect complement to Maraour bag for interchangeable needles.

Mira offers a total of 13 different wide compartments to have your double pointed needles always ready. So that nothing falls out, a two-part flap has been added to the upper end.

You can simply roll Mira up and close it with the attached elastic band. The color of the band you choose yourself when ordering. By the way, the bag is suitable for double pointed needles of lengths of 15 cm and 20 cm.

As with all products from the collection with Franzi Klee, we also offer you here different leather colors.

Double pointed needles bag Mira
Bag for Double Pointed Needles Mira. Photo: © Franziska Klee.
Stitch marker case Maki
Stitch marker case Maki. Photo: © Franziska Klee.

Sewing needles, stitch markers - all these things like to disappear during transport. This is now an end! The pretty case Maki is ideal for storing the smallest little helpers.

It consists of two overlapping compartments held together with an elastic band in the color of your choice. Closed like this Maki fits with its slim dimensions of 6 x 8 cm into any project bag and saves you from a miserable search for your accessories.

Here, too, you have the choice between different leather colors - of course!

Instagram knitting round

Oh, that was nice again! I'm always happy when I can browse unrestrained on Instagram for this section. Your knitted works regularly ensure that my knitting list grows long and longer. I find it especially great that I become aware of designs through you, which I had not even on the screen. So also this week.

Two colorful sorbet cardigans. Photo: ©
The Dingley Dell tee with all the necessary accessories. Photo: ©

Stephanie has knitted a Sorbet Cardigan not only for herself, but also for her little daughter. She has chosen a colorful variety in Midnatssol (CaMaRose) - a great alternative to Tynn Silk Mohair (Sandnes)!

Nanni has finished her Dingley Dell Tee and meticulously noted everything to keep her Ravelry project up to date. For her version of the tee, by the way, Nanni chose Gima by Ito (double stranded). The pure cotton ribbon yarn really comes into its own in this design, I think!

In the meantime, my watch shows 19:42 and do you know what I do now? I shut down the PC, mix myself a wine spritzer and await the Maschenfein package with my new Franzi-Klee products (remember the longer processing time!). At the same time, I'm doing a few more rounds on my Lal shorts and am happy that everything is the same as always.

Have a great time!



Here are
the products in the

Knitting for Olive - Heavy Merino
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Knitting Mill Comfort Twist
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Krea Deluxe - Organic Cotton
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Sycamore Sweater
Sycamore Sweater
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Knitting for Olive - Merino
Knitting for Olive - Soft Silk Mohair
Double pointed needles bag Mira
Double pointed needles bag Mira
Bag Mona
Franziska Klee x Maschenfein
Delivery time: approx. 2-3 weeks
Stitch marker case Maki
Stitch marker case Maki
Case Mila
Franziska Klee x Maschenfein
Folding case Maja
Folding case Maja
Needle bag Mara
Franziska Klee x Maschenfein
Delivery time: approx. 2-3 weeks
Leather strap Franzi clover
Sorbet Cardigan
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CaMaRose - Midnatssol
Dingley Dell
Dingley Dell
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Shorts Lal
Shorts Lal
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Hello Saskia! You speak / write from my soul :-)! For me, too, knitting is a fixed point in everyday life. Sometimes I think when I work about what I will knit later at home and feel light and happy! Knitting makes happy and actually gives consistency. And I always have something nice to do - no matter what the weather is, no matter where I am! What a great, beautiful hobby we all share 🙂 Warmest regards Claudia

Saskia Naths

Hello dear Claudia,
thank you very much for your nice comment! Yes, you feel somehow grounded and the great thing is - you write it yourself - we do not need much for our wellness course in between. Wool and needles are quickly packed and taken.

Many greetings back!

Thursday morning, I sit with the first coffee of the day in front of the PC and read the post Saturday coffee.
Lately I get again desire for more than scarves and loops on the needles. In today's post I particularly like the sweater "Citrine Light ". So far I have shied away from sweaters because of my dress size ( as a young woman jumped one sweater after another from my needles), but that seems to change.
I find it a pity that the pattern are in English, is there perhaps a way to get them in German?
To knit a sweater top down is new to me and is therefore all the more appealing.

Love greetings

Saskia Naths

Hello dear Britta,

thank you very much for your nice feedback!
Whether pattern are published in German is solely the decision of the designer. If we would translate the pattern and sell them, we would be liable to prosecution, as they are subject to copyright. But I can only encourage you: Dare! You don't have to be an English professional to knit with English pattern. You'll see, you'll quickly get the hang of it and then many more possibilities will open up to you 🙂 If you have any questions, the maschenfeine community in our Facebook group will also be happy to help.

Many greetings


Whoops, was that thought transference?
Felt very personally addressed by this week's Saturday coffee:
How nice that you also discovered the Cloudburst gauntlets!!!!
I've knitted them twice before as gifts for girlfriends( and have them on the needles again right now.
This time finally for me;)
This is a super nice quick project for in between and the perfect last minute gift...

Warm regards,

Petra Weber

Dear Maschenfein Team!

Can you please tell me where to buy the beautiful mug in the big photo of your blog post today?😊

Your blog is great, I look forward to it every Saturday!!😀👌👍

Greetings Petra


Dear Petra,
how nice that you are also such a big Saturday coffee fan!
The mug is beautiful, isn't it? It could well be that there is something great for you 😉 Once we are all prepared, we will let you know. Until then, we ask for a little patience!
Best regards

Katrin Brown

Good morning everyone,

yes, it's nice that there are such routines. At the moment I'm so tired in the evening that I intend to knit a few more rounds, but I don't manage it anymore. But better days will come again. In any case, I find the weather at the moment super ... finally wear knits (sweaters and jackets) again, because it is so cool.

Until you can wear the Sycamore sweater it still takes .... but you can already start knitting. This sweater is great. Do you have the pattern separately? (because I can not wear mohair) - I need the pattern for the short rows, I have not done for ages.

Greetings from the gloomy Essen
Katrin Brown

Saskia Naths

Hello dear Katrin,

thank you for your nice comment! Yes, sometimes I lack the time in the evening or I'm just too tired, I feel the same as you. You must not put yourself under pressure when knitting, I think. That also somehow counteracts the purpose behind it 🙂
But yes, we have the pattern also individually, look here:

Have fun with the pretty part!

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