Bag love

As is well known, handicrafts always go. Sometimes you just have to adjust the projects a bit to suit the current weather. Perfect for the summer are bags, for example. They are knitted quickly, are super suitable as a vacation project and are often knitted with natural fibers such as linen or cotton, which glide quickly over needles and hands in hot temperatures.

Learn crochet on the fly

If you are looking for beautiful bags, you will quickly realize: Oops! There is only one needle used. That's right - a crochet hook. At the same time, however, these projects are ideal for practicing the crocheting of chain stitches, solid stitches or chop stitches.

Siena Bag
Super beginner project: the Siena Bag by Paula_M. Photo: © Susanne Müller

If you want to take a trip into the realm of crochet, you should follow the pattern of Susanne Müller aka Paula_m. She crochets just as great as she knits and has created several tutorials. Among them is for example the Siena Bagwhich you can get in the store as a kit with the paper yarn Papyrus from Kremke Soul Wool. Susanne's pattern are suitable for beginners, because they are very detailed and often illustrated.

Also crocheted, but completely different is the circular Sun City Bag. Just like the Siena Bag it makes us dream of a summer vacation on the beach. The bag also offers a good opportunity to spice it up according to your own wishes and ideas. For example, if you like, you can embroider it with cotton thread or decorate it with tassels. The possibilities are (almost) no limits.

Sun City Bag
Also crocheted, but very different: the Sun City Bag.
Photo: © Ksenia Naidyon
Papyrus has a wide range of colors. In addition to the colorful shades, there is also a range of natural colors.
Photos: © Schmeichel Partner

Practical and spacious

Who doesn't know that: When you are on vacation, one or the other souvenir wanders along. Or the local market would like to be visited to be inspired for the dinner in the vacation cottage or best directly stock up.

Spacious bags or backpacks are recommended so that everything is safely stowed away.