Knitting for beginners

The good news first: knitting can be learned! What does it take? Basically not much. A design, yarn, needles, a few basic techniques and you can already conjure up the first knitted pieces. The rest will come by itself. And from Maschenfein: Because here you will find a variety of (beginner-suitable) knitting kits, yarn, accessories and of course help.

Where do I start?

To start, take a look at our knitting kits. You can use the filters to search for simpler projects, for example. There are hats and shawls, but also beautiful sweaters or light shirts. At the beginning of your knitting career you should master right and purl stitches and practice new techniques on a stitch test if necessary.

You should always do this anyway to determine the right needle size for your project. Otherwise, it can happen that the finished knitted piece turns out completely different than intended. On the DIY portal Makerist you can find a video course by Marisa, in which she tells you everything you need to know about stitch tests.

Please do not forget: the stitch test.
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1. knitting law: you can never have enough scarves!

You can knit the Easy Triangle Shawl Arista with many different yarns.
Photo: © EMF Verlag

Ideal for beginners, for example, are plain triangular shawls - here you can perfectly practice the increase of stitches.

If you like to knit yourself a shawl, we recommend our Easy Triangle Shawl Arista. The pattern are also available separately - which is perfect because you can knit the shawl with many different yarns or yarn combinations.

For example, you can knit a very delicate model with a double held silk mohair yarn or a more compact, yet cozy version in a bulkier yarn like Brushed Fleece by Rowan.

Probably even easier than the Easy Bandana is the Easypeasy Bandana from Paula_m. The small triangular scarf is knitted quickly and fits perfectly into the spring.

By the way: Many of Paula_m's pattern are easy to follow even for beginners. Everything is described in detail and often even with additional pictures. So (almost) nothing can go wrong!

Easypeasy Bandana
Even easier than Arista: The Easypeasy Bandana by Paula_m.
Photo: © Susanne Müller