Franziska Klee x Maschenfein

We are very proud to have found a partner in Franziska Klee, who shares as much passion for handmade beauties as we do with her fair fashion label.

Franziska and her team are based in Leipzig, where they produce leather products in a studio. Together we have created our own small collection, with which we can offer you individually crafted accessories for handworkers. Among them are mainly utensils that bring plenty of storage space.

Material and production

It is important to Franziska to use only cowhide that has been produced under controlled conditions. In concrete terms, this means that the leather comes exclusively from Germany, is purely vegetable-tanned and is subject to the strict rules of the International Association for Natural Textiles (IVN). It is also worth noting that the hides are processed as a by-product of the dairy and meat industry. Unnecessary waste is thus avoided. The rich colors are achieved by synthetic dyes, which, however, - quite unlike in industrial mass production - do not contain heavy metals.

Nadeltasche Mara und Etui Mila
Foto: © Ines Grabner / Maschenfein

"Our goal is to make fashion a little more personal while leaving a minimal environmental footprint."

Franziska Klee

Sustainability and attention to detail are the hallmarks of Franzi and her team. This is also reflected in the individual products of the collection Franziska Klee x Maschenfein for which we have combined both company logos. With a total of six products we can offer you a small but fine repertoire of sustainably produced accessories that make every knitter's heart beat faster.

Our collection

Die Nadeltasche Mara hat ingesamt 14 Fächern für das Verstauen von Nadelspitzen.
© Ines Grabner/maschenfein

There is once again chaos in the needle basket and you lose gradually the overview? Then the needle bag Mara is certainly something for you. You have the choice between seven different colors and you can also choose one of seven colors for the closure band.

When you open it, 14 compartments await you, in which there is plenty of space for needle tips. Depending on the needle size, one compartment can also hold a second pair of tips. There are eight larger compartments in front, which are ideal for storing needle ropes. To close the needle bag, fold it up to save space and fix the bundle with a sewn-on wide elastic band - so it fits loosely into the Mona bag, for example.

The Cross-Body-Bag is available in the same colors as Mara and serves as a reliable companion when you are on the road with your knitting project. The dimensions of 44 x 28 x 10 cm guarantee you enough space for your project and accessories that you do not want to do without.

Projekttasche Mona bietet Platz für euer aktuelles Projekt.
© Ines Grabner/maschenfein

The interior comes without much bells and whistles. Note that the bag lives on its material and was therefore deliberately dispensed with a lining. This is not even necessary, the high quality of the natural leather ensures that there is no damage caused by friction on your knitted piece. For quick access to your cell phone, stitch latch or tape measure, a small pocket including a zippered compartment is worked on the back.

Small but mighty helpers

For more storage space we recommend our cases Maja and Mila. Mila has a classic shape: With a length of 20 cm, it accommodates needle games, for example, and the height of 8 cm guarantees enough space for other accessories such as scissors and tape measure. By the way: As with all parts of the collection, the leather used for Mila comes from the alpine region. Even the zipper is subject to our demand for sustainability: With the exception of the slider, it is made from recycled PET bottles.

Folding case Maja
Etuis Mara und Mila
Fotos: © Franziska Klee / Ines Grabner / Maschenfein

With Maja we have added another nice case variant to our collection for you. It is closed by a snap mechanism and with its size of 11 x 15 cm it is a little bit smaller than Mila. But you will be amazed how much you can store there. Flying yarn remnants to shut down stitches or scattered needle ropes have no chance from now on! Of course you could also secure your bunch of keys with the help of Maja but it's nicer to have a keychain that carries your love of knitting as a message, isn't it?

Choose your favorite from five variants with different lettering. We have already preselected the matching font color. With 12 x 2 cm, the pendant is large enough to always have it immediately at hand.

Schlüsselanhänger mit Botschaft. Das ist Strickliebe!
Foto: © Ines Grabner / Maschenfein
Lederriemen für die French Market Bag
Foto: © Ines Grabner / Maschenfein

And also for those of you who already knitted the French Market Bag from PetiteKnit , but still need matching straps, we have prepared something together with Franzi.

The 94 cm long straps are printed with our logo on one side. Four pre-punched holes on each side allow the straps to be securely attached to the finished bag. You can choose between a noble black or a classic cognac. With both variants you have chosen durable products.

Order and manufacture

So that Franzi and her team can handcraft the products with enough time, we always offer open sales slots. This means that you can order the accessories for a certain time before the slot closes again and the manufacturing process begins at Franzi.

Each item is produced after the order is received, so you will have to wait a little longer than with other store products before you can hold your new favorite piece in your hands. In return, you can be sure to get high quality bags, pin cases, etc., which are characterized by a special longevity due to their material composition and individual production. Exceptions are the straps and keychains, which we have regularly included in our Maschenfein store.