Summer shawls

Scarves always go - even when it's warm

Maschenfein and scarves, they belong together like summer and ice cream. Yes, even in summer it is always good to have a scarf ready. On cool mornings or evenings, you can drape it loosely over your shoulder and be cozy against the cold. They also provide protection against the delicate drafts when air conditioners, fans or open windows do more than just cool you down. Summer scarves fit when camping or walking in the sunset on the beach just as well as at a summer wedding - a large scarf worn as a stole, is the perfect accessory to the festive outfit.
Therefore, we present you here a few scarves that fit perfectly in the summer. Basically, you can knit almost any shawl in a summer version. Simply replace the original yarn with a summer yarn in a suitable gauge.

Cool but still warming

Summer yarns are (partly) made of animal hair-free fibers, which is why they are less warm. Silk even has a temperature-balancing effect. Blended yarns with merino can be worn practically all year round and are wonderfully soft due to the merino content, but still not too warm. Pure vegetable yarns tend to be less warming and can be pleasantly airy. However, they can seem relatively hard when knitted. But that changes in any case when worn!

Airy through holes

Lace patterns - also called lace patterns - are especially suitable for summer. Lace knitting is based on the interplay of turnovers and stitches knitted together. By knitting off an envelope, a hole is created underneath the new stitch. Thin yarns are often knitted with relatively heavy needles. This makes the knitted fabric particularly light and airy. This technique is therefore ideal for summer knitting.

Summer Night by Evgeniya Dupliy from Laine Magazine Issue 14 is a great varied shawl. It is knit from the center of the long side out. Curly right alternates with a scallop lace pattern.
BC Yarn's GOTS certified yarn Bio-Balance is made of 45% cotton in addition to 55% virgin wool. It's soft and slightly warming and won't fuzz.

The Trio Scarf, a design by Irina Heemann better known as "Knitting without Seam", is an easy to knit triangle scarf that impresses with its plastic structure and an interesting colorfulness. It is knitted with three colors in the brioche pattern, working with only one color in each row. Both the border and the main part of the shawl consist of only two rows of the pattern. The lace border is worked in the darkest color in a pretty lace pattern as an accent.
Sparrow by Quince & Co. is perfect for summer tops and sweaters and for airy shawls. Sparrow is a fine 100% organic linen in a beautiful variety of colors. While knitting, it has a firm grip (as linen is known to do), but after washing and during wear, it becomes wonderfully soft, light and airy.

Liza 'sRomantic Summer by Elisabeth Piontek is a lovely large shawl for summer nights. The plain center section is edged with an intricate lace border. The back lace in contrasting color adds the finishing touch to the shawl.
Pinta by Pascuali is a beautiful 4-ply yarn made of 60% merino, 20% silk and 20% ramie. The high proportion of silk and ramie makes it excellent for summer shawls: Ramie provides excellent moisture absorption and the silk content provides temperature balance and a very nice sheen.

Without mohair - without Maschenfein

We at Maschenfein love mohair, as you know. So much so, that we can knit it in summer without any problems. But a shawl made of mohair can also be suitable for summer. A large and airy shawl that - loosely wrapped around the shoulders - warms on cool summer evenings. Simply cozy - even in summer. So it's no surprise that Marisa has already written a few tutorials on such airy, big scarves. Here are our favorites: