Knitting for summer temperatures

Summer tops

As soon as the days get longer and warmer, we start thinking about our summer wardrobe. Knitted are then with preference tops. They are airy, light and knitted without sleeves nice and fast. Since we are big fans of tops in all possible variations, we present you these quickly knitted summer pieces today in more detail. In our selection you will certainly find a favorite part that you want to wear over and over again.
Because as a wise knitter once said? "If it doesn't have sleeves, it doesn't count as a project". If that's not a reason to add a top or two to your summer knitting list?

What makes a summer top?

Do you also belong to the knitters who sometimes lose motivation when knitting sleeves? Then summer tops are the welcome change for you! Because this is the outstanding feature: Summer tops are always knitted without sleeves. What sounds simple is nevertheless very varied. Should the style be rather plain or do you like it patterned? And then there is the question of the neckline and the straps. Whether you choose a tank top with a relatively narrow neckline or a version with spaghetti straps and a low neckline is up to your preferences.
But first, let's look at the different types of straps. In addition to the classic "medium width" straps, we show you here the variants with very thin straps and very wide, which actually no longer resemble straps.

Tank tops

Tops that are cut to resemble a t-shirt that comes without sleeves are called tank tops. Tanks, as they are also called, usually have a cool and casual look. They are just as suitable for a casual look with jeans and sneakers, as under a blazer for business meetings. Of course, everything is possible from the timeless basic part to the more playful version.
The THEA Top by Paula_M is a light and airy summer top in the said style of a tank top. The top should be knitted with some room to move to the body, so that it falls nice and loose. Iris by Ririko is a feminine, comfortable, sleeveless A-line sweater knit in one piece top down.
The Wietske Tank by steffiestudio is a sleeveless top in double rib. It has a fitted shape and a high neckline. The hem ends at the level of the hip bone for a comfortable length.

Tops with spaghetti straps

When we think of spaghetti, we think of a tasty portion of our favorite pasta - with pleasure also in the ice cream variation. The fact that there are also tops with this name is no coincidence. The word "spaghetti" comes from Italian and means "little string". In fashion, it indicates the narrow width of the straps of the garment. Such tops are very airy and show more skin.
The Cumulus top by PetiteKnit belongs to the plain Cumulus series. The necklines are trimmed with an I-cord, which also becomes the strap. Camisole No. 4 by My Favourite Knitwear is a feminine summer top in bohemian style. The decorative increases on the front panels give the top a nice fit and character, while the ribbed pattern combined with the yarn texture creates an almost crocheted look. The Chrysler Top from Knitting for Olive is also made with I-cord straps - but slightly wider. It's a simple and elegant ribbed top inspired by New York's famous Chrysler Building.

The glorious agony of choice in design

Once you have decided what kind of top you want, you still have to decide on the style. We can basically help ourselves to the entire range that knitwear designers:inside have in their repertoire. Most of them have at least one top in their portfolio. We have already shown you rather plain tops above with the tanks and the spaghetti straps. Now we want to take care of something more striking designs.


If the top is rather plain in terms of cut, you can have a good romp in the structure of the knitted piece. So or so similar must have been the thoughts of the designers of the tops we have picked out for you for this category. As nice as mindless knitting is, sometimes it's even nicer to keep your mind alert by knitting varied patterns.
Clarissa Schellong's Seedy Top has a textured pattern made from a mix of rib and bead patterns. Side increases and decreases accentuate this pattern, giving the top a great silhouette. The structure of the RENO Top by Paula_M comes from the fact that it is crocheted. It's a simple, cropped tank top and pairs perfectly with summer highwaist pants and skirts. The Slanting Slip-On by Anne Ventzel is waiting with two kinds of structure. A graphic pattern runs out from the neck cuff, over the shoulders and out past the chest, into the bottom cuff. The torso of the elegant tank top is knitted in a great relief pattern.


Structure is still too little for you? Your top should rather have more patterns? No problem, we have also prepared that for you! Hole patterns are particularly popular for tops. This fits especially well in the summer, the wardrobe becomes even more airy. And if it should be a little cooler, you can wear tops with lace pattern perfectly with a fine, light undershirt underneath.
The June Topp from SandnesGarn has an even and simple lace pattern. Tiril 15 Havre singlet by SandnesGarn - a tank top based on a design by Tiril Eckhoff - on the other hand, looks a little less plain because of the groups of lace patterns. The Olive Top by Knitting For Olive has a much more striking pattern. It consists klompett of the popular Olive pattern for which Knitting For Olive is known. The fine straps of the spaghetti top are made as I-cord.


Stripes always go! In the worn knitted piece and also when knitting, when you suddenly progress much faster by "oh, I still knit a stripe". You think classic horizontal stripes are boring? We prove to you with our three stripe favorites that stripes can be very versatile. They are simple, elegant but never boring.
The Lines Summertop by Rust Knitwear comes up trumps with diagonal stripes in V-optics. The stripes are created from crossed stitches. But this cool summer top can do even more: in the pattern you'll find the option to knit it with spaghetti straps as well as with wide straps. Argil by Claire Lakewood, on the other hand, has classic colored stripes. However, the construction of this shirt is so clever that the stripes on the front are not only horizontal but also vertical in the lower part. The stripes on the CÉCILE top by Paula_M are much simpler. They are created by a wide rib pattern.

Fine details

Now we show you the supreme discipline of summer tops: simple designs with fine details. This always fits when you like it basically best plain, but still do not want to miss the little breeze of extravagance. Or also when you want to put an exciting pattern especially in the scene. Less is indeed more here.
The Posy Tank Top from Along avec Anna presents itself plain at the top and then gives everything at the bottom waistband with a beautiful lacemuster . As icing on the cake, the shoulders of this beautiful spaghetti top are tied with an I-cord. In the Virginia Top by Miriam Walchshäusl, the back is the highlight of the otherwise simple and figure-flattering top. It is formed by a fine triangular lace insert that holds the two shoulder straps and can be finished with a lace trim. The back of the Tulipe Top by Matilda Kruse is also the special eye-catcher. In front, the top is kept quite simple in plain right. The back is a deep V-neckline, which is framed by a beautiful lace pattern.


Now we've made your mouths water, haven't we? So much so that you can't decide where to start? If you can't decide at all, something small would be just right to sort out your thoughts and wishes. Because children should not miss out in our selection.