Hello and welcome to Saturday Coffee! "It's summer no matter if you sweat or freeze, summer is what happens in your head..." you can hear the Wise Guys warbling out of the swimming pool speakers every year. Especially when it's a wet and cold, typical German July - but fortunately it doesn't look like that at the moment.

That summer can nevertheless be a question of inner attitude is something that knitting enthusiasts in particular are well aware of: let a summer piece made of mohair fly over the needles or think today about tomorrow's fall model? We knitters are creative and flexible, right?

Therefore, we have today, in addition to classic tops a - literally - colorful mix of knitting inspirations for you. Have fun with it!

A little bit of June always goes. Also in July

She did it again: the Dane Mette, better known to us all as PetiteKnit, has published a new tutorial and of course the Scandinavian chic that characterizes her models can not be missing in any Saturday coffee.

Her June Top is a wonderfully simple strap top that should be a good starter project for beginners and experienced knitters certainly quickly from the hand or the needles. The shirt is knitted in tank top style (with slightly wider straps) from the bottom up.

You prefer to knit from top to bottom, because then you can try in between?
That's no problem either: The instructions offer an alternative method. Start in the middle with a provisional cast on and then knit down in rounds before knitting the straps at the end.

June Top

But that's not the end of the variety. Summer is not as fresh everywhere as the pictures from the far north on Mette's Instagram profile sometimes show. Maybe that's why, in addition to the somewhat thicker June Top there is another instruction, namely for the June Top Light. In this even more summery option, the back neckline is a little deeper, but still enough that the bra disappears underneath.

While the original is either single-threaded from Mandarin Natural from SANDNES GARN or two-threaded from Pure Silk KNITTING FOR OLIVE, the light version is knitted in one thread only. Pure Silk is knitted with one thread only - with correspondingly smaller needles, of course. Jule has already packed practical kits for all three versions in the store.