Hello and welcome to Saturday Coffee! By now September has arrived and now really no one can deny it: Autumn is just around the corner!

For today's coffee I just let myself drift a bit, looked here, clicked there - we want to take it slow! The result is a few beautiful knitting inspirations, impressions from the Instagram knitting round and my personal must-have knitting book of this year. I wish you a lot of fun!

A little summer still goes

Dear readers, here follows advertising by conviction! In recent weeks I had the great pleasure to participate in a test knitting for ages again.

Aneta from knitting.adventures has designed the Drifting Wave Tee to match the sweater - and I was immediately blown away. A few balls Pure Silk of Knitting for Olive I still had here, so the pretty thing immediately found its way on my needles (at this point a big "thank you" that I was allowed to be there!).

For pigtail lovers: The Drifting Wave Tee. Photo: © Aneta Szydlak-Bleyer.

The tee is knitted from the top down. A special detail is the shoulder construction, which I have also never worked like this before. The neckline is also beautiful, both the back and the front.

There are no (!) short rows worked, so you can turn the shirt as you want. And I mean that literally! Also the inside of the part is worth to be shown.

Overall, you should have some experience in knitting clothes, but all techniques are explained in detail (including video tutorials). If you do not want to knit with Pure Silk knitting, please contact our support (support@maschenfein.de), Jule and Sandra will surely find an alternative for you!

The shoulder construction is a special eye-catcher. Photo: © Aneta Szydlak-Bleyer.

Why not use good again?

When I present the following design to you, attentive readers will immediately raise their fingers: "Ha, we've been through this before!" To this I say quite clearly: No!

A last greeting from late summer. Photo: © Refined Knitwear.

Of course we all know the pattern of the Linea Blouse from Refined Knitwear from the Linea Top, which Judith already presented a few weeks ago. Now Rikke has used the pattern one more time and designed a lovely Blouse.

The Linea Blouse is worked top down. So you can adjust the length according to your wishes. Knitted from Pure Silk from Knitting for Olive, the blouse has a great fall and accompanies you with its half-length sleeves through the first days of autumn.

With 3 mm needles you can get here again a little piece of summer in the project basket.

Potpourri of the leftover basket...

Is it the same for you: You accumulate all kinds of wool leftovers that you don't really want to give away, but you can't think of a real project for them either?

Judith has already shown you the Rain or Shine Socks last week for your leftover recycling. If you have a lot of leftovers (so really many!) and do not want to work a host of pairs of socks, I have found a great alternative for you!

Colorful as the leaves in autumn: the Seaglass sweater. Photo: © Wool & Pine.

The Seaglass Sweater by Wool & Pine is a simple model that lives through its color diversity.

Scrape together your leftover yarn in DK weight and let's go! For those who want to add to their stash: Suitable yarns include Peer Gynt, Smart or also Double Sunday (all from Sandnes). Or you can choose British Blue Wool by Erika Knight - that would be my absolute favorite! I love these muted colors that look great on the Seaglass Sweater definitely do great.

The pattern is ideal for beginners of multi-thread knitting. Photo: © Wool & pine.

Capture the sun...

Oh, how nice that would be: Just take a few rays of sunlight with you into autumn and winter. My older relatives would stop me at this point by saying, "Well, we've had some really nice autumn and winter days! But just between us, wouldn't it be great to just take the long and sunny summer days into the cooler seasons? Whoever is able to do that, please get in touch with me!

But until then, at least we can take a few rays of sunlight on the needles. For example when making the Sundial Sweaters sweater by Iris H. The sweater is a classic circular yoke design with a radiating pattern. With Sunday and Tynn Silk Mohair (both Sandnes) you knit top down and finally work the sleeves with the previously set-aside stitches. The model fits rather close to the body and has a neckline close to the neck. Perfect for those of you who can not do much with oversized designs.

By the way, Jule has directly created a kit for this pretty design. Please follow this way:

Sundial Sweater
Sundial Sweater. Photo: © Iris H.

Back to basic

The Brooklyn Raglan has a slightly rounded end cuff. Photo: © Tori Yu.

You can never have enough classically cut clothes, can you? Every one of us has that one pair of jeans that is just always wearable. With knitted garments it is no different for me, you too?

The Brooklyn Raglan by Tori Yu is such a piece, with which one is simply always well dressed. It is knitted top down without seams. The body is worked in stockinette stitch, the sleeves you work in a pretty but subtle textured pattern. A great detail is the slightly rounded end cuff.

For the Brooklyn Raglan we recommend British Blue Wool from Erika Knight. If you don't want to do without fleece, just go for Merino and Silk Mohair from Along avec Anna.

Classically cut and therefore always wearable! Photo: © Tori Yu.

Finally brioche again!

I must openly confess that brioche knit is simply too warm for me in the summer. But maybe that's also because I always associate this voluminous structure with warm, heavy wool. It must be really fluffy, then it is suitable for brioche - at least to my taste.

That's why I'm a little bit happy that it's getting cooler again. Here comes my first recommendation for all of you, who are as brioche-enthusiastic as I am: The Medvind Sweater from Elsebeth Judith.

Classic, but with beautiful details: the Medvind Sweater. Photo: © elsebeth judith.

This slightly oversized sweater somehow reminds me of the sea, fishing boats and the beach. You knit it in a semi-brioche and as you can see, the design has some nice details in store for us.

On the one hand, there is the neckline. The designer writes that this form (swan neckline) was a typical variant of the 40s of the last century. Also the shoulder construction (dropped European shoulders) is one that is rather rare.

That alone convinced me of the design. And the yarn? Really cuddly wool, of course! For example Wool Local from Erica Knight. Bennett Pale Blue would be my absolute favorite here!

News from Laine

Oh my, I'm in love.

You have to know that the book industry has it really easy with me. And I can tell you exactly what turns me on about knitting books: rather rough paper, hardcover (just not glossy!), interesting feel, lots of photos from nature, people from everyday life.

Somehow Laine must have managed to figure it all out. Anyway, a new book has now been published by our favorite Finnish publisher - just to gorgeous!

Salt & Timber
Salt & Timber from Laine Publishing. Photo: © Laine Publishing House.

Not only did the title model immediately yell at me, "Cast. Me. On." No, also all other designs are - actually as usual - great photographically captured.

Designer Lindsey Fowler has created a beautiful collection of "Salt & Timber. Knits from the Northern Coast." a beautiful collection of accessories and garments. The English patterns are all detailed and - in my personal opinion - easy to follow by knitters with a little experience.

The author herself states that the jacket on the cover (the Hideaway Cardigan) is the most difficult model in her book. By the way, this is knitted from Heavy Merino from Knitting for Olive, and I've been lurking around the colorway all along....

And because we in the team are all of the opinion that this book should be declared mandatory reading, Jule will gradually tie wool packages. By the way, the jacket is already online, take a look!

Salt & Timber
Cozy hat and cuffs. Photo: © Laine Publishing House.
Salt & Timber
A stole to wrap yourself in. Photo: © Laine Publishing House.
Salt & Timber
A blanket for two. Photo: © Laine Publishing House.

Big Franky Love

How we loved him, the Franky Genser from Sandnes! Oversized and boxy cut, we often admired it in your Instagram and Facebook posts.

Sandnes has apparently heard our expressions of love all the way to Norway and directly released a small collection. The special feature: Both designs are sizeinclusive, so constructed in many different sizes. In addition, you have the choice between a variant with fleece and one without our favorite addictive yarn.