Cloth Carla - Mother's Day Mystery CAL 2021 - Pattern

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Knitting pattern (German and English) for the Mother's Day Mystery Shawl 2021 "Carla".


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You want to order the wool at the same time? Here you can find the knitting kits:

To knitting kit 1To knitting kit 2To knitting kit 3




The first part of this year's Mother's Day shawl starts at the bottom tip and is knit up from there with increases on both sides in a garter stitch.
The first part of the shawl is worked in two threads from the two ITO qualities Kinu and Sensai in the first color.


For the second part, stitches are picked up from the left edge of the cloth. With sensai two-thread smooth right in the second color, interrupted by ruffles of kinu and sensai in the first color, the second triangle for the shawl is formed by short rows on one side and increases on the other side of the rows until all stitches are "used up".


The third section is worked in plain right two-thread from Sensai in the first color, interrupted by garter stitches from Kinu and Sensai in the second color, over the stitches of the short rows from the second triangle. Shaped the last section by shortening and decreasing before an I-cord over two sides of the shawl completes the design.

How big will Carla grow?

At Maschenfein we love big scarves and so Carla is also a considerable size:

Length: approx. 200 cm, depth: approx. 100 cm


From which yarn is knitted Carla?

The original Carla shawl is made of ITO Kinu and ITO Sensai -> CLICK TO KIT. We had a mohair-free sampler knitted from ITO Kinu with ITO Shio and are also very enthusiastic about it -> CLICK TO KIT.

You will need the following quantities of ITO yarns:

ITO Kinu (100 % silk; 425 m/50 g)
2 cones in color 1
1 cone in color 2
ITO Sensai (60 % mohair, 40 % silk; 240 m/20 g)
4 balls in color 1
2 balls in color 2


ITO Kinu (100 % silk; 425 m/50 g)
2 cones in color 1
1 cone in color 2
ITO Shio (100% wool; 480 m/40 g)
2 cones in color 1
1 cone in color 2


In Carla, the first color is dominant. The two yarns in color 1 and 2 should be chosen to match each other.

Consumption in meters:

Approx. 600 m color 1 and approx. 350 m color 2 of a yarn with which
the specified gauge is achieved.

What gauge?

18 stitches/28 rows on 10 cm garter stitch (after washing and tensioning).
and tension) from Kinu + Sensai or Kinu + Shio.

The shawl can also be worked with a different gauge.
can be worked. The consumption deviates then however from the indicated

Which needle do we recommend for Carla?

3.5 mm circular knitting needle 80 cm (or suitable for the gauge)


In these colors we knitted our samplers:

Kinu #382 Navy + Sensai #341 Orient Blue
Kinu #393 Pale Blue + Sensai #324 Pale Blue
Kinu #385 Light Gray + Sensai #321 Smoke Gray
Kinu #365 Cherry Blossom + Sensai #303 Cherry Blossom
Kinu #486 Gold Oak + Sensai #695 Gold Oak
(or Shio 447 Gold Oak)
Kinu #351 String + Sensai #336 String
(resp. Shio #589 Logwood)



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