1015 Putty

3011 Mandelhvit

3042 Cafè au Lait

3542 Pink sand

4033 Ferskenblomst

4626 Shocking Pink

3819 Spicy Orange

5224 Lilla

6061 Mørk Blågrå

6046 Jolly Blue

6032 Blå Hortensia

6531 Isblå

7720 Blå Mint

8532 Pistasj Is

8236 Jelly Bean Green

9062 Olive Grønn

2113 Strågul


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Sandnes - Tykk Line

Cotton / Viscose / Linen

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SandnesYarn - Tykk Line

Tykk Line is a great blend of cotton, linen and viscose. It's an extra heavy summer yarn that will have you finished with your project in no time. It's also great for accessories like bags.


The cotton comes from India, where Sandnes regularly monitors working conditions.
Sandnes is committed to making their sustainable and responsible contribution in the ecological cycle. They are in the process of establishing a fully traceable supply chain. The alpacas and Norwegian sheep are kept free on uncultivated land, so no deforestation or anything like that is necessary. In addition, green electricity from hydropower is used for production and the water used is then purified again.

Product details Tykk Line

Ball: 50 g
Yardage: approx. 60 m
Needle size: 5.0 mm
Gauge: 16 sts = 10 cm
Care: wool wash cycle or hand wash
Use mild detergent without softener!

Raw material composition:
(according to EU Textile Labeling Regulation).
53 % cotton, 33 % viscose, 14 % linen

Photos: © SandnesYarn


Type of yarn

Summer yarn, Vegan

Fiber material

Cotton, Linen, Viscose


Aran, Bulky (Chunky)


Sandnes Garn

Yardage per 100g


Gauge (on 10cm)

14 to 16 meshes

Needle size

4 to 5.5


1015 Putty, 3011 Mandelhvit, 3042 Cafè au Lait, 4626 Shocking Pink, 6061 Mørk Blågrå, 6531 Isblå, 8236 Jelly Bean Green, 9062 Olivengrønn, 2113 Strågul, 3542 Pink Sand, 3819 Spicy Orange, 4033 Ferskenblomst, 5224 Lilla, 6032 Blå Hortensia, 6046 Jolly Blue, 8532 Pistasj Is, 7720 Blå Mint


controlled working conditions, sustainable production

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