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Sandnes - Double Sunday


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Delivery time: approx. 2-3 working days

Product contains - 50 g

Base price - 17,00 / 100 g


Sandnes - Double Sunday

Double Sunday is the latest creation from Sandnes and Petite Knit. A merino yarn that has the same characteristics of the time-tested Sunday, but is just twice as heavy. The company has deliberately chosen not to superwash the fibers and to go for naturalness. The pleasantly soft yarn can also be combined perfectly with the other Sandnes qualities.


The merino wool comes from Australia and is of course mulesing free.
Sandnes is committed to making their sustainable and responsible contribution in the ecological cycle. They are in the process of establishing a fully traceable supply chain. The alpacas and Norwegian sheep are raised freely on uncultivated land, so no deforestation or anything like that is necessary. In addition, green electricity from hydropower is used for production and the water used is then purified again.

Product details Double Sunday

Ball: 50 g
Yardage: approx. 108 m
Needle size: 3,5 - 4,0mm
Gauge: 20-21 sts = 10 cm
Care: Please dry lying flat.
Wool wash cycle up to 30 °C or hand wash.
Use mild detergent without softener!

Raw material composition:
(according to EU Textile Labeling Regulation).
100 % virgin wool

Photos: © Sandnes Yarn


Type of yarn

All season yarn, winter yarn

Fiber material

Merino, virgin wool


Sandnes Garn

Yardage per 100g


Gauge (on 10cm)

20-22 meshes

Needle size

2.75 to 3.75, 4 to 5.5


Light (DK)


species-appropriate husbandry, controlled working conditions, mulesing-free, sustainable production

Base price
- 17,00 / 100 g

Reviews & Comments

1.00 out of 5

3 reviews for Sandnes - Double Sunday

  1. Karin -

    I would like to knit the Marseille sweater with Sandnes Duo instead of Double Sunday, because I would like to have a cotton content and thus a slightly lighter sweater. The two qualities have a very similar running length - can I interchange them without hesitation?
    Kind regards

    Not verified purchase. More information

    • Louisa -

      Dear Karin,
      in principle, this should work. However, the Duo does not "fluff up" as much as the Double Sunday. So the knit will have a slightly different structure and feel. However, please feel free to contact support@maschenfein.de for more in-depth advice.
      Kind regards

      Not verified purchase. More information

  2. Katrin Uebbing-Förster -

    Dear Maschenfeinteam,
    I have knitted myself with great pleasure the Marseille Sweater from Petiteknit. Already while knitting I had first doubts whether the yarn is not too soft and tends to pilling. But so far I had not read anything negative about the yarn. Unfortunately, my fears have come true, already after twice wearing the wool razor had to be used. The knotting is so extreme and it's such a shame for all the work. There are many great wonderful designs with this yarn at Sandnes at the moment and then certainly many disappointments. Too bad. I'm surprised that there is not a corresponding review on this yarn here yet.
    Love greetings

    Verified purchase. More information

    • Sophia Michalzik -

      Dear Katrin,

      Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry that you are unhappy with Double Sunday. Basically, pilling is a natural property of wool that is a result of friction and an indication that the yarn - like Double Sunday - is natural and not chemically treated. You can find a lot of interesting information about pilling on this page: https://www.outdoortrends.de/stammtisch/wissenswertes/pilling-bei-wolle/ In a nutshell, it can be summarized like this: To prevent pilling, which occurs especially with merino fibers, even more, the fibers would have to be spun harder. However, the softness of the yarn would suffer as a result. Merino wool is also one of the staple yarns, which by nature only have a certain length. Using only longer fibers would make the product more expensive. I hope this information helps you a bit despite your disappointment.
      Kind regards, Sophia

      Verified purchase. More information

  3. Stephie -


    I am currently looking for wool. Can I use a tutorial from Petiteknit in which the Sunday is knitted with double thread this one with single thread and then I need only half the amount specified?

    Love greetings

    Not verified purchase. More information

    • Sophia Michalzik -

      Dear Stephie, in principle you can replace two-thread Sunday with single-thread Double Sunday. However, the two yarns do not have the same yardage. Please send us an email to "support@maschenfein.de" with the corresponding model and your size, then we can calculate the consumption for you. 🙂 Love, Sophia

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