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PDF pattern for the hand cuffs "Pico Fino".

The hand cuffs "Pico Fino" are a matching accessory to the scarf of the same name. Starting with an I-cord, from which stitches are picked up and closed to form a round, it continues in different blocks curly and plain right. Short rows create diagonal lines and, on the two cuff sides, also diagonal, asymmetrical finishes. For the thumb, the round is opened and knitted over a piece in rows. Stitches are later picked up from these edges for the thumb. The cuffs end with a lace pattern row and are finished with an I-cord.

Sizes S / M / L resp. 6 / 6,5 / 7,5 (for hand circumference 17 cm / 18,5 cm / 20,5 cm)

For the cuffs you need one skein each of PASCUALI Alpaca Fino in three different colors (in the original natural white 01, slate blue 40, ocher 31).

In addition, you will need a 3.0 mm needle gauge, a short circular knitting needle or a circular knitting needle with a long rope for the Magic Loop method (or suitable gauge to achieve the stitch definition), and optionally a short needle gauge for working the thumbs.

You can find the knitting kit for the gauntlets Pico Fino here: CLICK TO KIT


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