Pica Pau and her crochet friends

Alpaca, panda, otter and co. crochet

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The Argentine crochet animal designer Yan Schenkel presents no less than 20 lovable cuddly animals in her new book. In addition to Javier the donkey, Edgar the unicorn and George the platypus, there is also a funny frog, a crocodile with a pom-pom hat, a soft and woolly alpaca and other cheerful creatures. With the help of the illustrated pattern, all crochet figures can be easily recreated. The special feature of this book is that it contains a charming anecdote from the wonderful little world of Pica Pau for each of the crochet animals. The original crochet book invites young and old to crochet a colorful zoo full of animals to love, decorate and give away.

Softcover, 160 pages


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EMF Publishing House

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