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Needle bag Mara Compare Colors

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Needle bag Mara

Franzi clover x Maschenfein

Our Franziska Klee x Maschenfein products are available for order in certain order slots.


Delivery time: approx. 2-3 weeks


Needle bag Mara

The needle bag Mara accommodates your needle system clearly and is also particularly pretty. It can be closed with an elastic band, so that neither needles nor ropes can slip out.

We have developed Mara in such a way that, on the one hand, it has space for particularly many tips and, on the other hand, it also has various compartments for ropes of different lengths. Because who does not know it? The tedious search for the right rope length?

Mara has 14 compartments for needle tips. Depending on the gauge, more than one pair can fit in a compartment, because there are supposed to be knitters who have even more than one pair of tips from one gauge. In addition, Mara has 8 compartments for needle ropes, so that different lengths can find space in different compartments.

Cooperation Franziska Klee x Maschenfein

What could be better than a cooperation between two companies that are run with a lot of passion? Franziska Klee stands for minimalist cuts, sustainable materials and an extraordinary eye for detail. All bags and accessories are lovingly handmade in the Leipzig studio.

For our special collection "Franziska Klee x Maschenfein" we have developed accessories that make our knitters' hearts beat faster. Our two logos we have united for thereby our common products.

The needle bag Mara is 53cm long and 15 cm high when open. Closed it measures 5 cm x 12 cm x15 cm. With the 2 cm wide elastic band we close the needle bag securely.


For Mara we use leather in its original form. It comes from farms in southern Germany and the Alpine region and was tanned on a vegetable basis. To ensure high quality, our natural leather is subject to strict ethical and environmental requirements and at the same time undergoes constant controls. The result is a natural hide that is chrome-free and allergy-friendly. You will recognize the difference to industrial leather as soon as you smell and feel it.


After the sales slot, the bag is handmade in the studio of Franziska Klee. This can take between 15 and 21 working days in the current time depending on the order situation.

The bag made especially for you is excluded from exchange and return.


Accessories manufacturer

Franziska Klee

Accessories other


Leather color

Leather Light Brown, Leather Cognac Oiled, Leather Dark Blue, Leather Dark Green, Leather Red, Leather Stone Grey, Leather Charcoal, Leather Black Oiled

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Strap color red, Strap color yellow, Strap color lilac, Strap color royal blue, Strap color dark blue, Strap color olive, Strap color black, Strap color white

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