Stitch lapse


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Stitch lapse

Addi's stitch rapiers are very large paper clips on which stitches can be quite easily immobilized.

Always 2 pieces are supplied.



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  1. Katrin Brown -

    This stitch rappel works very well. This is exactly what I was looking for when I knit a jacket down from the top, dividing the stitches at chest level into torso and sleeve, then I always knit the sleeve to wrist, then the torso follows. For the torso, I still take out MA under the arm for about 10cm, then finish it in one piece in rows. The sleeves I have to knit a whole piece so I can take out the MA for the torso. But I can only finish the sleeve when everything is done so far, because nothing is more unsightly than a sleeve that is too short or too long.

    At the level of the wrist, there are as many sleeves MA as fit comfortably on these needles. There is no snagging or snagging with these parts, because they are closed a rounded thing.

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