01 Natural

02 Sandshell

03 Irish cream

04 Pale Pink

05 Old Rose

06 Wild Ginger

07 Haute Red

08 Sundried Tomato

09 Vanilla

10 Jojoba

11 Mineral Yellow

12 Golden Palm

13 Argan Oil

14 Coffee

15 Frosty Green

16 Thunder

17 Cedar

18 Dark Citron

19 Garden Green

20 Skyway

21 Smoke Blue

22 Indigo

23 Glacier Grey

24 Steel

25 Limestone

26 Peat


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BC Yarn - Semilla cablé - GOTS certified

Lucca - cloth

Regina Moessmer {knitting kit}


BC Yarn - Semilla cablé - GOTS certified × 7

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Lucca shawl - knitting pattern

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Lucca cloth

Regina Moessmer's Lucca triangle shawl is started in the middle of the long side and worked with different patterns to create a cozy favorite.
Length approx. 175 cm


The wool package contains the necessary amount of BC yarn Semilla Cablé in your desired color. Additionally you need 5.0 mm needles (or suitable for the gauge)

PHOTOS & Cooperation: Regina Moessmer.


Lucca - cloth

Type of knitting



Regina Mössmer




Semilla Cablé

Needle size

5 to 5.5mm

BC Yarn - Semilla cablé - GOTS certified


01 Natural, 02 Sandshell, 03 Irish Cream, 04 Pale Pink, 05 Old Rose, 06 Wild Ginger, 07 Haute Red, 08 Sundried Tomato, 09 Vanilla, 10 Jojoba, 11 Mineral Yellow, 12 Golden Palm, 13 Argan Oil, 14 Coffee, 15 Frosty Green, 16 Thunder, 17 Cedar, 18 Dark Citron, 19 Garden Green, 20 Skyway, 21 Smoke Blue, 22 Indigo, 23 Glacier Grey, 24 Steel, 25 Limestone, 26 Peat

Type of yarn

All season yarn

Fiber material

Cotton, Virgin wool


Medium (Worsted)


BC Yarn

Yardage per 100g


Gauge (on 10cm)

20-22 meshes

Needle size

2.75 to 3.75, 4 to 5.5


species-appropriate husbandry, GOTS certified, controlled working conditions, mulesing-free, sustainable production, animal welfare certified

Base price
158,00 for kg

Lucca shawl - knitting pattern

Books type

PDF pattern


Regina Moessmer

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