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Leather soles for slippers



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With the REGIA leather soles from Schachenmary you can turn your self-knitted socks into cozy cottage slippers in no time.
The leather soles made of soft full cowhide are available from size 22/23 to 46/47. Each pair of soles comes with pattern for making a pair of slippers.

You can either sew the soles on with a cross stitch or crochet around them in advance with a decorative decorative edge and then sew them on.

You can find a video with detailed pattern for attaching the leather soles HERE.



size 22-23, size 24-25, size 26-27, size 28-29, size 30-31, size 32-33, size 34-35, size 36-37, size 38-39, size 40-41, size 42-43, size 44-45, size 46-47

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