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Leather strap Franzi clover

Franziska Klee x Maschenfein

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Leather strap

The leather straps for the French Market Bag by Franzi Klee are specially designed to fit the bag. At the 4 holes at the end of each strap can be nicely attached to the Market Bag. Of course, our common logo may not be missing.

Length: 94 cm

Cooperation Franziska Klee x Maschenfein

What could be better than a cooperation between two companies that are run with a lot of passion? Franziska Klee stands for minimalist cuts, sustainable materials and an extraordinary eye for detail. All bags and accessories are lovingly handmade in the Leipzig studio.


For the leather straps we use leather in its original form. It comes from farms in southern Germany and the Alpine region and was tanned on a vegetable basis. To ensure the high quality, our natural leather is subject to strict ethical and environmental requirements and at the same time is subjected to constant controls. The result is a natural hide that is chrome-free and allergy-friendly. You'll know the difference from industrial leather as soon as you smell and feel it.



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Franziska Klee

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