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Kanshoku - knitting pattern

Printed knitting pattern from Ririko about Rosy Green Wool

Kanshoku is a beautiful modern cardigan with a star pattern on the back. The cut is flowing and the wide tapered front panels are worn open. It is knit seamlessly top down. You'll start at the neckline with a provisional stitch cast on without an air stitch chain and knit the raglan section directly. The sleeve stitches are set aside while you finish the body, and then picked up again and knit in the round. The top-down construction allows you to try on the cardigan as you knit, adjusting the body and sleeves to the desired length. The flowing shape of the front pieces is achieved through short rows.


XS / S/ M1 / M2 / L1 / L2 / L3 / L4 / L5 = YOUR chest circumference 71-76 / 81-86 / 91-96 / 101-106 / 111-117 / 122-127 / 132-137 / 142-147 / 152-157 cm

Recommended yarn: Rosy Green Wool - Cheeky Merino Joy

Photos: © Rosy Green Wool


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