Honey Clutch - knitting pattern

PetiteKnit {knitting pattern}

The knitting pattern are a printed booklet.


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Honey Clutch - knitting pattern

The knitting pattern are a printed booklet.

The Honey Clutch from Petite Knit is a cute little bag with zipper. Whether make-up or knitting silo, dadrin everything is well kept. Starting with the bottom in double knitting technique. From there, stitches are picked up around the outside and the body is knitted in the round in the net pattern. At the top, the two trimmings are knitted again in double knitting technique and then the zipper is sewn in.

You can line your Honey Clutch with fabric.

Size: 17 x 6 x 11 cm

Recommended yarn: Sandnes Yarn - Sunday with Tynn Silk Mohair or Krea Deluxe - Organic Wool 1 with Deluxe Silk Mohair


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