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Variant 1

Knitted from: Cashmere 6/28 organic

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Pascuali - Cashmere 6/28 BIO

Fiber material Cashmere
Weight Super fine (Fingering)
Manufacturer Pascuali
Running length 401-500m
gauge 23 to 25 meshes
Needle size 2.75 to 3.75, 4 to 5.5

Variant 2

Knitted from: Cosma

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Lamana - Cosma

Fiber material Cotton, Modal
Weight Fine (Sport), Medium (Worsted)
Manufacturer Lamana
Running length 151-200m
gauge 20-22 meshes
Needle size 4 to 5.5


Home Camisole

The Home Camisole from Caidree is a simple summer top. It is knit from top to bottom and all edges are finished with an I-cord. A perfect basic piece that looks great under any blouse.


XXS, (XS), S, (M), L, (XL), 2XL, (3XL), 4XL, (5XL) = chest circumference of the finished top 70, (76), 86, (96), 107, (118), 125, (136), 147, (156) cm.
The top should be knitted with a comfort allowance of 0 - 5 cm.

Wool package

The wool package contains the necessary amount of Lamana - Cosma (60% cotton, 40% modal) in your desired color for your size. In addition, you need knitting needles of 3.5 - 4.0 mm (or matching the stitch sample) and the knitting instructions.

Photos: © Caidree


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Kits yarns

Cashmere 6/28 organic, Cosma

Kits size

3XL, 4XL, M, XS, XXL

Kits needle size

3 to 3.5mm, 4 to 4.5mm

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