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PDF single pattern for the hand warmers "Outono" (= Portuguese: Autumn).

The cuffs are started at the wrist. From here, the cuff is knitted in a simple rib pattern to the desired length. After a few rounds knitted smooth right, the number of stitches is doubled to achieve the appropriate circumference of the hand with the pattern of crossed stitches. Due to the strength of the pattern, this part of the gauntlets will be unusually heavy in relation to the yarn used. Thus, the gauntlets later pleasantly warm.

With the beginning of the pattern, the wedge for the thumb is worked before the thumb stitches are set aside. Then knit the pattern over the palm to the desired length. Hand and thumb are finished with a few rows of rib pattern.

The matching knitting kit for Outone can of course also be found in the store.


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Maschenfein, Sandra Groll

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