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Cowgirl - KidSilk gradient colors compare

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Cowgirl - KidSilk gradient

Mohair / Silk

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Product contains - 50 g

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Cowgirl - KidSilk gradient

The KidSilk with color gradient from Cowgirl Blues is really unique. The buttery soft and light yarn is great to use as a hatchet thread. The variegated coloring combines the same tones that are found in all Solids yarns. So KidSilk can be wonderfully combined with all Cowgirl yarns. How about a sweater in solid Merino Twist with a matching gradient in KidSilk? A dream!


Merino and mohair come from South Africa. The merino is of course mulesing free, as it is not practiced in South Africa anyway. The Cowgirl Blues yarns are also spun there and hand-dyed in Bridget Henderson's studio. Her team of hand-dyers consists of local women who are paid fairly and can thus live independently.

Attention: Even with the same lot numbers, there may be color differences from ball to ball. We therefore recommend that you knit 1 row of the old ball and 1 row of the new ball alternately over several rows when switching to a new ball.

Product details

Skein: 50 g
Yardage: approx. 410 m
Needle size: 2.0 - 5.0 mm
Gauge: 24 sts = 10 cm
Care: Hand wash

Raw material composition:
(according to EU Textile Labeling Regulation).
70 % mohair, 30 % silk

Photos: © Cowgirl Blues


Type of yarn

Brushed yarn

Fiber material

Mohair, silk




Cowgirl Blues

Yardage per 100g


Gauge (on 10cm)

23 to 25 meshes

Needle size

2.75 to 3.75, 4 to 5.5


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controlled working conditions, mulesing free, sustainable production

Base price
58,00 / 100 g

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58,00 / 100 g