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BC Yarn - Semilla Pura - GOTS certified

Virgin wool

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Product contains - 100 g

Base price 12,50 / 100 g


Semilla Pura

Semilla Pura is the GOTS certified undyed sister of Semilla Melange. It has the typical characteristics of a carded yarn: the yardage is considerable despite its voluminous character. The rustic look comes from the fact that the individual hairs are not combed and sorted out until almost all the fibers are parallel, as is the case with worsted yarn, but the curls are allowed to criss-cross a bit and thus create the beautiful volume. In the undyed version, the semilla is surprisingly even softer than dyed. And even more voluminous.


The raw wool comes from Argentina and is of course mulesing free. It is spun and dyed in Turkey.
BC Yarn focuses on GOTS certified yarns. Currently, 15 BC Yarn qualities are GOTS certified and thus verifiably produced according to strict animal and environmental protection standards. By the way, the GOTS seal is in a way also a guarantor for fair trade, because in all stages of production also criteria like fair wages, labor protection and working conditions, social responsibility and anti-corruption guarantees are checked. Currently, BC Yarn is working on two yarn innovations that are produced with non-violent silk, i.e. silk for the extraction of which the silkworms do not have to die.

Product details Semilla Melange

Ball: 100 g
Yardage: approx. 350 m
Needle size: 5 mm
Gauge: 22 = 10 cm
Care: Hand wash
Use mild detergent without softener!

Raw material composition:
(according to EU Textile Labeling Regulation).
100 % virgin wool

Photos: © BC Yarn



species-appropriate husbandry, GOTS certified, controlled working conditions, mulesing-free, sustainable production, animal welfare certified

Base price
12,50 / 100 g

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12,50 / 100 g

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