01 Cream

02 Light beige

03 Dark beige

04 Mustard

05 Cinnamon

06 Mink

07 Brown

08 Orange

09 Pale Red

10 Cherry

11 Light Pink

12 Light Lilac

13 Purple

14 Pistachio

15 Green

16 Genuine

17 Light Blue

18 Turquoise

19 Dark Turquoise

20 Dark Blue

21 Light Grey

22 Medium Grey

23 Smoked

24 Anthracite

25 Black


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BC Yarn - Northern Lights - GOTS certified

New Wool / Silk

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Delivery time: approx. 3-5 working days

Product contains - 100 g

Base price 15,50 / 100 g


BC Yarn - Northern Lights

Northern Lights is the GOTS-certified heavy sister of the Bio Balance, only that here instead of cotton a silk content was chosen. It is wonderfully soft without being too woolly. The silk content creates little bright speckles in the coloring - just Northern Lights. And the climate characteristics make it an ideal all-round yarn for indoors and outdoors, adults, children and babies.


The raw wool for Northern Lights comes from Argentina and is mulesing-free, the silk comes from India. The yarn is spun and dyed in Turkey. BC Yarn focuses on GOTS certified yarns. Currently, 15 BC Yarn qualities are GOTS certified and thus verifiably produced according to strict animal and environmental protection standards. By the way, the GOTS seal is in a way also a guarantor for fair trade, because in all stages of production also criteria like fair wages, labor protection and working conditions, social responsibility and anti-corruption guarantees are checked. Currently, BC Yarn is working on two yarn innovations that are produced with non-violent silk, i.e. silk for the extraction of which the silkworms do not have to die.

Product details Northern Lights

Skein: 100 g
Yardage: approx. 200 m
Needle size: 4,5 mm
Gauge: 16 = 10 cm
Care: Machine wash on wool cycle or hand wash.
Use mild detergent without softener!

Raw material composition:
(according to EU Textile Labeling Regulation).
80 % virgin wool, 20 % silk

Photos: © BC Yarn



01 Cream, 02 Light Beige, 03 Dark Beige, 04 Mustard, 05 Cinnamon, 06 Mink, 07 Brown, 08 Orange, 09 Pale Red, 10 Cherry, 11 Light Pink, 12 Light Lilac, 13 Purple, 14 Pistachio, 15 Green, 16 Genuine, 17 Light Blue, 18 Turquoise, 19 Dark Turquoise, 20 Dark Blue, 21 Light Grey, 22 Medium Grey, 23 Smoked, 24 Anthracite, 25 Black

Type of yarn

All season yarn

Fiber material

Cotton, Silk


Light (DK)


BC Yarn

Yardage per 100g


Gauge (on 10cm)

14 to 16 meshes

Needle size

4 to 5.5


species-appropriate husbandry, GOTS certified, controlled working conditions, mulesing-free, sustainable production, animal welfare certified

Base price
15,50 / 100 g

15,50 / 100 g

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