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ITO Yarns {knitting kit}


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Delivery time: approx. 3-5 working days


YAMAGATA is an elegant and fluffy scarf made of ITO Awayuki (80% mohair, 20% silk) in four coordinated colors each. Whether muted or gaudy tones, the YAMAGATA scarf is sure to be an eye-catcher due to the special texture of the Awayuki.

Knitted on 4.5 mm needles, stockinette stitch, it goes easily from the hand. The knitting kit contains 4 balls of ITO Awayuki (four different colors) and the pattern of ITO Yarn. It is delivered in this knitting kit in printed form together with the yarn.

The kit is available in eight ready-made color combinations:

1.A #460 White, B #560 Beige, C #558 Smoke Gray, D #461 Charcoal

2. A #465 Dark Berry, B #550 Light Gray, C #461 Charcoal, D #462 Mauve

3. A #559 Crocus, B #560 Beige, C #558 Smoke Gray, D #551 Lilac

4. A #560 Beige, B #461 Charcoal, C #558 Smoke Gray, D #464 Enji

5. A #554 Tangerine, B #467 Marine, C #559 Crocus, D #557 New Blue

6. A #555 Grass, B #461 Charcoal, C #460 White, D # 466 Pool Green

7. A #460 White, B #463 Brick, C #461 Charcoal, D #556 Capri Blue

8. A #554 Tangerine, B #465 Dark Berry, C #552 Hydrangea, D #461 Charcoal


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ITO Yarns

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4 to 4.5mm

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