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Pascuali Collezioni | Book 7

"Simplicity is the highest form of perfection" - this saying by Leonardo da Vinci can be used to describe the spring-summer collection of Pascuali Collezioni Book 7: timeless pieces that are perfectly in line with our love for slow fashion.

Collezioni Book 7 contains 16 designs that perfectly complement any wardrobe and can be easily combined - sometimes chic, sometimes casual, always suitable for the occasion. The designs captivate with straight lines and clear cuts. But there are also stylish and light designs with delicate lace patterns. Also very stylish patterns like half brioche are used, which gives the designs opulence and the extra portion of softness.

Soft, cool shades such as hydrangea blue, light grays and delicate lilac combined with warmer, neutral tones such as beige, taupe and cream form the basis of this collection.

VISTERIA is a symmetrical triangular shawl in a one and two color brioche pattern, inspired by the tendrils of the wisteria and designed by @Feinmotorik, our guest designer this time. The shawl is knitted with none other than our very special Pinta, a wonderful blend of merino, silk and ramie. The new generation Pinta is also the focus of this issue's theme article.

As in the previous editions of Pascuali Collezioni, this issue also contains pattern for both novice and experienced knitters.

The designs are available in sizes up to 5XL and come with detailed pattern and measurements.

All designs are available in PDF format, which helps reduce paper usage and allows us to provide detailed knitting pattern. instructionserns can be downloaded from Ravelry or the Pascuali store.

- 16 designs for men and women

Photos: © Pascuali


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