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The knitting mill from Prym seems somehow "old-fashioned", but it has convinced me in its function absolutely. For small cords, of course, the conventional knitting dolly can be rummaged out of the closet, but for longer cords like whole belts, then the purchase of this little helper is very worthwhile.

With the help of the knitting mill you can make long cords in no time. At the beginning it takes a little practice, but the pattern explain very precisely what to do to get the cord going.


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1 review for knitting mill with 4 hooks

  1. emma.goettle -

    Unfortunately, an absolutely faulty design. The hooks do not interlock precisely enough, so that the thread quickly frays and errors occur again and again because the loops are not formed correctly. Working with the knitting mill is no fun at all and the result is an irregular knitting cord or a single tangle of wool. Too bad.
    The processing of the order through Maschenfein as usual uncomplicated and reliable.

    Verified purchase. More information

    • Louisa -

      Dear Emma,

      too bad that it does not want to work with the knitting mill! We have not had any such feedback on it so far. However, not every yarn is actually suitable for the knitting mill. It works best with rather thin, smooth yarns.

      Love greetings

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