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The Tunisian crochet hooks of this set are made of high quality bamboo wood with noble patina. Like the Chiaogoo knitting needle tips, these Tunisian crochet hooks have precise threads for changing the needles & needle cables. The needle sizes are clearly visible engraved in the center of the shaft of each needle.

The set includes

  • 11 high quality Tunisian bamboo crochet hook tips of 14,5 cm length in weight 3,5mm / 3,75mm / 4mm / 4,5mm / 5mm / 5,5mm / 6mm / 6,5mm / 8mm / 9mm / 10mm
  • 2 Twist Red Needle Cables 20 cm size S
  • 1 Twist Red needle Cables 35 cm size S
  • 1 Twist Red needle Cables 55 cm size S
  • 4 End caps / stoppers
  • 2 needle cable connectors
  • 2 needle cable wrench
  • 1 Needle gauge
  • 1 storage case in black and white with practical all-round zipper.
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