Everyday Balaclava - knitting pattern

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Everyday Balaclava - knitting pattern

Printed knitting pattern from Petite Knit

The Everyday Balaclava from Petite Knit is a bilky slip-on hat for children. It is knitted from the top down. You start with a square for the head, from which stitches are picked up on the sides. The back of the head is formed by short rows. Under the chin it is closed again to the round, before the two ribbed cuffs are knitted separately. Around the face is worked a double ribbed cuff.


2-4 months (4-6 months) 6-12 months (1-2 years) 2-5 years (5-9 years) = for head circumference 39-41 (41-44) 44-47 (48-50) 50-54 (54-55) cm

Recommended yarn: Sandnes - Double Sunday

Gauge: 22 sts = 10 cm with needle 3.5 mm straight right

Photos: © Petite Knit


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