15 Snowflake White

16 Soft Satin

01 Feather Grey Melange

02 Charcoal Melange

17 Sierra Melange

03 Noir

04 Eclipse

09 Deep Teal

08 Verdigris

05 Coastal Melange

07 Peacock

06 Blue Haze

31 ice blue

10 Foliage Green

11 Green Moss

12 Willow

13 Sun Valley

14 Golden girl

18 Cinnamon

19 Copper Clay

20 Vermilion

21 Dahlia

22 Dark Burgundy

23 Purple Rain

25 Berry sorbet

24 Pink Lips

28 salmon

29 hyacinth

30 dusk

27 champagne


T57 marble

T42 Light gray

T05 Silver gray

T28 slate gray

T68 Graphite

T01 Black

T07 Khaki

T65 Mocha

T47 Nutmeg

T69 Fir

T66 Kiwi

T67 Mustard

T08 Curry

T33 carmine

T63 blackberry

T32 Lilac

T54 ice blue

T46 basalt blue

T53 Night blue

T11 Navy blue


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Rowan - Alpaca Classic

Lamana - Como Tweed

Dineke - sweater

Sandra Groll {knitting kit}


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Rowan - Alpaca Classic

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Lamana - Como Tweed

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Knitting Pattern sweater Dineke in the book "Hygge - Wohlfühlkleidung stricken" (EMF-Verlag)

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Delivery time: approx. 2-3 working days


Dineke sweater

"Dineke", a sweater by Sandra Groll from our joint book "Hygge Wohlfühlkleidung stricken" - is knit seamlessly top down. At the back, short rows shape the neck and provide a better fit. Increases are made in the round yoke. After the sleeve stitches have been set aside, the pattern continues in a straight form. Before the final cuff, short rows make the back slightly longer than the front. Finally, the set-aside stitches are picked up again and sleeves are worked.
Rounds with drop stitches in a contrasting color spice up the stockinette stitch pattern of the main color.

Knitting kit Dineke sweater

The knitting kit contains the necessary amount of ROWAN Alpaca Classic (57% alpaca, 43% cotton) and Lamana Como Tweed (100% merino) in your desired colors and optionally our book "Hygge - Wohlfühlkleidung stricken", in which you will find the pattern. In addition, you will need circular needles of 3.75 and 4.0 mm (60 and 80 cm each) or matching the gauge.

© EMF/SHOT Photography, Katja Schubert, Munich



Dineke - sweater

Type of knitting



Sandra Groll




Como Tweed, Alpaca Classic


XXL, L, M, S, XL, XS

Maschenfein Books

Book "Hygge - knitting feel-good clothes"

Needle size

3 to 3.5mm, 4 to 4.5mm


Maschenfein - Hygge feel good clothing

Rowan - Alpaca Classic


01 Feather Grey Melange, 02 Charcoal Melange, 03 Noir, 04 Eclipse, 05 Coastal Melange, 06 Blue Haze, 07 Peacock, 08 Verdigris, 09 Deep Teal, 10 Foliage Green, 11 Green Moss, 12 Willow, 13 Sun Valley, 14 Golden Girl, 15 Snowflake White, 16 Soft Satin, 17 Sierra Melange, 18 Cinnamon, 19 Copper Clay, 20 Vermilion, 21 Dahlia, 22 Dark Burgundy, 23 Purple Rain, 24 Pink Lips, 25 Berry Sorbet, 27 champagne, 28 salmon, 29 hyacinth, 30 dusk, 31 ice blue

Type of yarn

All season yarn, winter yarn

Fiber material

Alpaca, cotton


Fine (Sport)



Yardage per 100g


Gauge (on 10cm)

23 to 25 stitches

Needle size

2.75 to 3.75

Base price
286,00 for kg

Lamana - Como Tweed


T01 Black, T28 Slate Gray, T54 Ice Blue, T57 Marble, T53 Midnight Blue, T42 Light Gray, T33 Carmine, T63 Blackberry, T67 Mustard, T66 Kiwi, T65 Mocha, T32 Lilac, T11 Navy Blue, T08 Curry, T07 Khaki, T05 Silver Gray, T46 Basalt Blue, T47 Nutmeg, T68 Graphite, T69 Fir

Type of yarn

All season yarn, tweed

Fiber material

Merino, virgin wool


Fine (Sport)



Yardage per 100g


Gauge (on 10cm)

20 to 22 stitches

Needle size

2.75 to 3.75, 4 to 5.5


controlled working conditions, mulesing free, sustainable production, animal welfare certified

Base price
318,00 for kg

Knit comfort clothes oversize look

Books type


Books publisher

EMF Publishing, Maschenfein

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