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Charis - cloth (PDF)

The Charis shawl gets its special effect from the combination of two yarns: ITO Kinu (100% silk) and ITO Sensai (60% mohair, 40% silk). The yarns are knitted in a special sequence of single-thread and double-thread combined. The shawl is otherwise very simply constructed and is great to knit alongside.

G a r n
ITO Kinu (100% silk, LL 425m/50g) in Hydrangea (color 396), 100g
ITO Sensai (60% mohair, 40% silk, LL 240m/20g) in Pale Blush
(color 300), 60g

M a s c h e n p r o b e
16 stitches on 10 cm stockinette stitch side (after washing and
tension) double-threaded from Kinu and Sensai

T o o l s
3,5 mm circular knitting needle 80 cm (or suitable for the given
Wool needle

Photo: Copyright © EMF/SHOT Photography, Corinna Theresa Brix, Munich


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