Anchor's Onesie - knitting pattern

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The knitting pattern are a printed booklet.


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Anchor's Onesie - knitting pattern

The knitting pattern are a printed booklet.

Anker's Onesie by Petite Knit is a cute romper from the Anker's series. He is knitted from the top down. In the round yoke with a simple right-to-left pattern, the increases take place hidden. Then the body is knitted in rows and the sleeves and legs are knitted in the round.


0-2 (2-4) 4-6 (6-9) 9-12 (12-18) 18-24 months

Gauge: 28 sts = 10 cm with Nd 3.0 mm

Recommended yarn: SandnesYarn - Sunday


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