The first half of the year is over! From now on, the days will be shorter again and the nights longer. We see it positively: That also means more knitting time - doesn't it?

So, as always, we take a close look at the needles of the Maschenfein team at the beginning of the month. What is being knitted here? Still summer or already fall designs? By the way: This blog series will be paused in August. But of course you can still share your posts on Instagram and Facebook. Just use the hashtag #aufdennadeln. But for now: Curtain up for the July needles.

New employee, new yarn

Right at the beginning I have great news: We have a new employee! From now on Mary-Anne strengthens our team. You may know her as Nadel & Garn on Instagram and from her designs, which are also available in our store.

I'm knitting the June Top by PetiteKnit from Mandarin Naturell by Sandnes. I started this last year and it has unfortunately been somewhat neglected. Now for Sophia and Louisa's Knit-Along, I've brought it out again and am slowly turning round after round. I'm looking forward to the finished top - luckily the summer is still long 🙂 .

June Top at Mary-Anne.
Photo: © Mary-Anne Volze
Lima dress at Marisa.
Photo: © Marisa Nöldeke

Recently, our LAMANA shelf in the warehouse has grown - in the guise of the Merino-Alpaca silk yarn Lima. The structure is fine and delicate - the thread runs almost by itself over the needle. You can ask Marisa, who is knitting it right now.

Such a dress for the youngest Miss in the house Maschenfein always goes. Just like stripes. And the new yarn Lima also wanted to be tested! So now I knit a simple dress without sleeves with a slight drape at the hips. I'm curious how it fits and whether there is then perhaps also a pattern for it.

And is the "Lima dress" from Marisa something completely new, there are also older designs that we can just knit over and over again. Whereby the third version here at Sandra really commands my respect.

Again and again I am asked whether I also knit for others and actually I deny the question every time. However, when the goddaughter asks sweetly whether it might be possible to get a cardigan, I can not say no. Together we have chosen the Girlfriends Cardigan after a pattern from Ankestrick (partner look - you know!!!).

But since the lady is only eight and the Cardi is to be knitted in size 140, I knit the smallest size with finer gauge. The choice fell here on Milano from LAMANA. The color is chosen by the goddaughter herself. So now I go for my goddaughter a third - and last!!! - time through "garter hell" - the infinite rows in garter stitch ...

Girlfriends Cardigan at Sandra's.
Photo: © Sandra Groll

Linen and cotton

Tiril Shorts at Louisa.
Photo: © Louisa Müller-Gauditz

Things are really summery at Louisa's. If it weren't for this pile of books that also wants to be read ...

Hello, my name is Louisa and I have a problem. I can't read and knit at the same time. Currently I have - finally again - a very acute reading phase and that collides with my knitting time. But I still can't do without knitting - luckily 😉 And so I'm working my way, stitch by stitch, with Line by Sandnes through the shorts from Tiril's summer set, which I plan to wear on vacation. Luckily, I still have eight weeks until it starts. (Although it would actually be great to get the matching sweater finished by then...).

The man wants a hat? The man gets a hat! What stumbling blocks lurk here, but also what successes occur, tells Barbara this month:

My husband has been wanting a sun hat, for skating, gardening and poolside. So I crocheted him Baileys Bucket Hat from the Tykk Line by Sandnes. Crochet, that's fun!

The picture shows the third version. 1. read the pattern wrong and created 6 stitches too much in round 4. 2. swatch forgotten, I crochet a third larger than expected. The third attempt fits and we had a lot of fun to find out why bowls and pots were created first! FAIL FAST- also a motto of us developers. 😉

Bailey's Bucket Hat at Barbara's.
Photo: © Barbara Schulze

No more stripes! Right?

Argil Top at Sophia's.
Photo: © Sophia Michalzik

After Bobbie , I vowed never to knit stripes again. By "never again" I didn't mean "forever" of course, but still a long time. Well ...

No more stripes! At least this year I wanted to stick to this plan, but then the Argil Top from Clare Lakewood has run across me once too often. And so a knitting kit with Organic Cotton from Krea Deluxe had to go in the basket. Now the sample is knitted and I am blown away by the feel of the cotton yarn. So nice and soft! And the stripes I also find really chic 😉

Sometimes a yarn doesn't fit the project the way you originally planned. So you have to wait and wait for an inspiration. That came now with Jule:

On my needles has finally come the well-seasoned Sparrow from Quince & Co. I bought it last year for a pair of pants, but realized after the swatch: It would be way too transparent.

After a year of thinking back and forth and looking at the beautiful skeins, I knit from it now the Outline Tee by Jessie Maed. I'm especially looking forward to solving the drop stitches, that will be exciting! Actually, I wanted the shirt in black. But depending on the light, the color eclipse is night blue. Well, then I just have a night blue shirt 🙂 .

Outline Tee at Jule's.
Photo: © Julia Gotthardt


And what do you have on your needles in July? Tell us in the comments or show us on Facebook or Instagram, where we use the hashtag #aufdennadeln.

Are you visiting us for the first time? Every month we collect our knitting projects on social media. You can find all past collections to browse in the On the Needles section.


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