Oops - the month is already half over! And we have not even shown you what we have in the Maschenfein team just on the needles.

There are several reasons for the delay. Among other things, our team has grown and we first had to think about how best to continue this blog series. We're still thinking about it a bit, but we want to show you something anyway. And keep an eye on our about us page - over the next few days you can discover who is joining us here at Maschenfein.

Great brioche and flea love!

November Jacket at Louisa.
Photo: © Louisa Müller-Gauditz

But now to the topic of "knitting". Because even if not all plans could be implemented over the turn of the year - the one or other row or round was still in it. Also with Louisa.

During the winter break I finally started my fall project. The November Jacket by PetiteKnit from Peer Gynt of Sandnes I had actually planned to fit the name for November. But then one or the other pre-Christmas project came in between.

The construction is super thoughtful and so much fun! Therefore, I came really quickly to the point where you take everything on a needle under the arms. But then the long rows felt like I was knitting with the handbrake on. Until one makes distance in full brioche, it takes a bit ... Therefore, I have the body shut down when changing the ball and knit now first a sleeve.

Okay, okay. Brioche is great, yes. But fleas? Who likes them? I'll tell you: Sandra. And she also reveals which ones exactly ...

Loppa 2.0 - or: How to become a victim of your own work ...

Loppa - also known as Flea Cardigan - was my first Fair-Isle project six (!!!) years ago, my first knitted piece according to an English pattern and my first experience with cutting open knitted fabric ("steeken"). So who says "I can not do that" will fall on deaf ears with me, because only who MAKES, the CAN!

By the way, you do not necessarily have to knit multicolored patterns. You can simply knit the stitches with the corresponding first color and pick up the remaining stitches with thread behind the work. Then knit the round again - with the second color - and knit the previously lifted stitches while lifting the already knitted stitches with thread behind the work.

Loppa at Sandra's.
Photo: © Sandra Groll
Carlo Hat at Jule's.
Photo: © Julia Gotthardt

Jule is due to invest in a pair of aviator glasses soon. Why? Well, because the matching cap will soon be ready!

Well, can you already see what it will be? I'm knitting the Carlo Hat from Paula knits from Puno. The hat is sooooo cool that it jumped right into my basket in natural and silver-gray. Let's see who gets to enjoy it 🙂 .

Recently we have further reinforcement at Maschenfein. Namely by Judith and Barbara. Judith has a design on the needles that many of you have also knitted:

I am knitting the Sophie Shawl by PetiteKnit from Alpakka Ull in beigemelert. Actually, he should be for me. But as is sometimes the case, the model has somehow developed a life of its own: Whenever I knit it, I have to think of a friend and how good the scarf would look on her. Do you sometimes feel the same way? Let's see how the story ends and who will wear it in the end 😉

Sophie Shawl at Judith.
Photo: © Judith Lippold
Barbara's first attempts at knitting.
Photo: © Barbara Schulze

Barbara, like Judith, takes care of our IT - and is still very fresh "at the needles". Getting other people excited about knitting has worked before in this case ...

My first knitting project! The girls are longing for spring and have chosen beautiful colors. Because I still have no idea how the individual yarns behave, I ordered a selection with the focus that it feels soft on the neck and skin - and yet first is not too expensive material - including, for example, Cosma by Lamana or Mandarin Petit by Sandnes.

Judith has already told me the mega life-hack - or rather "knit-hack" - for the stitch samples: that you always knit knit stitches on the edge on the back and front so that the edges don't curl up. 🙂 I still have a few question marks. Do I have to wash and stretch the stitch samples now? But in the Maschenfein team is already helped me further.

In the bandana itself, the result seems in any case already much more compact than in the stitch test. Maybe I'm already knitting less loosely? And for my own favorite, Mandarin Petit, I would also take even thinner needles. So, those were my first knitting experiences, very exciting!


And what do you have so in January on the needles? Still projects from last year or already something new? Tell us in the comments or show us on Facebook or Instagram, where we use the hashtag #aufdennadeln.

Are you visiting here for the first time? Every month we collect knitting projects that are linked here in the respective blog posts on Auf den Nadeln. You can find all past collections to browse in the On the Needles section.

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