Hello and welcome to Saturday Coffee! We start the travel season and our first stop is literary:

"Once upon a time there was a picket fence with a space in between to look through.
An architect, who saw this, suddenly stood there one evening - and
took out the gap and built a big house
out of it.

The fence, meanwhile, stood quite stupidly, with slats without anything around."

Whether the poet Christian Morgenstern had anything to do with knitting is not known. But it's possible, because his poem fits perfectly with the theme of today's Saturday coffee: hole patterns. Just as with the picket fence, it's the blanks that make the difference. If you combine enough of them in the right order, the end result is (hopefully!) a new favorite garment. Especially for hot summer days hole and lace patterns are ideal - there the occasional cool breeze can blow refreshingly.

So, grab an (iced) coffee and enjoy our sunny knitting inspirations!

Summer feelings from the far north

We start again quite summery with a tank top. In contrast to a classic tank, this one is Kuutar Top is high closed. The latest design by Sari Nordlund is named after the Finnish goddess of the moon. Of course, the romantic and elegant lace pattern fits perfectly with this. Front and back are knitted separately in rows; after closing to the round, it goes comfortably smooth right down to the i-cord hem. A tribute to femininity is not only the feminine pattern, but also the included size chart, which Sari Nordlund attaches particular importance to in her instructions. So you don't have to think long, Jule has already created a knitting kit for you with Organic Cotton from KREA DELUXE.

Kuutar Top
Kuutar Top FOTO: © Sari Nordlund
Kuutar Top
Kuutar Top FOTO: © Sari Nordlund

If you are mentally a bit more in the direction of autumn and like the Mascheinfein team have Top 3-14 on the needles anyway, you will also find something in the Kuutar series: The pattern is also available in a T-shirt version. For the Kuutar tea you could knit with Cosma from LAMANA or you can go for the moon goddess motto and use the noble touch of Cotton Cashmere from ROWAN.

For those who need help with Sari's English instructions: The maschenfein Translation table is only one click away. It's worth the effort, because the Finn has really wonderful designs, of which you can also find more as knitting kits in the store: