Poof there it is winter, at least temporarily, who knows. The cap weather we should enjoy and because woman can never have enough caps, we have you times the most beautiful cap kits from the store listed (a few headbands are also included).

Photos top @LAMANA
middle ©LAMANA//Maschenfein
below @LAMANA// Paulastrickt

LAMANA is definitely ahead of the game here, with most of the beautiful hats coming from the magazines. From top left to bottom right:

The first two hats are from the current LAMANA magazine. The hat on the far left is #17/08, knitted in two strands from two balls of Milano on 3.5 and 4mm needles in back and forth rows. The cuff is worked on the smaller needle first, then switch to the larger needle for the basic pattern.

The second hat of the first row is No. 12 from the current magazine is worked from Como Tweed in rounds, on 4.5 and 5mm needles. Only purl and knit stitches are knitted. Very simple!

The beanie right is one of those totally simple beanies, of which there can't be enough (I think). The model is number 3 from the 6th LAMANA magazine, knitted from Como, again in back and forth rows, although the experienced knitter can also easily convert to rounds.

The second row is followed by hat #31/08, again from the latest magazine from LAMANA. This is knitted on 5 and 6mm needles in rounds of Nazca, the heavy alpaca merino polyamide yarn. Besides the needles you will also need a cable needle.

In the middle then follows my chunky leaf hat, knitted from Cashmere Big on 8mm needles and one of my favorite hats that I almost always wear. Could also be super with one of our pom poms to upgrade, I show you below yet.

Another cabled hat is #06/23 right in the middle row. It is knitted in rounds again, with Bergamo from LAMANA.

Below we have put together for you the three most popular headbands. Once from the current LAMANA magazine

LAMANA #30/08 the model No. 30, knitted from Como. The edges are worked in bead pattern (so only right and purl stitches), the pattern in the middle is created by plaits.

DAs headband Ola headband Ola from the super great headband book of Paula knits is sooo simple and soooo beautiful! We have chosen Cashsoft from Lang Yarns for it, wonderfully cozy.

The Madita headband tutorial is also in this book, I knitted it last winter and gave it as a gift, it goes pretty quickly and is a perfect practice project for two skein knitting. It is worked from Como by LAMANA.

Photos above @LAMANA//LANGYARNS//Paulastrickt
bottom ©LAMANA/EMF/Maschenfein

And six more designs, so that you really have the agony of choice or just the great choice for beautiful Christmas gifts: Far left the LAMANA Beanie three-thread knitted from Cusco. The pattern are free. The beanie is knitted in rows, but can easily be converted into rounds.

Besides Wool Addicts Savage Saffron hat, also very easy peasy, worked from the thickest yarn "Fire" from Wool Addicts, with bobble to it.

Then comes the popular hat Sarah of Paula knits, in LAMANA Cusco, I have at home, in the color Chili.

In addition, also from the pen of Paula knits, but published in LAMANA magazine, the cap #0709. I have also already knitted and given away. It has quite addictive potential, due to the rather catchy pattern, and is also a nice exercise in two-thread knitting. It is worked from Bergamo.

Then there are two hats from me, once the hat with the little braids from my basics book "Stitch by Stitch", knitted from Carpe Diem by Lang Yarns.

And then the good old leaf hat "Lakota", which you have already seen above in the chunky version in the heavy cashmere, here in the Bergamo version.

So and a hat external on Ravelry I have here for you, just because it is so pretty: Hyggelig by Verena Cohrs. You could knit it great from ITO Rakuda together with Sensai.
Last but not least, you will also find the beautiful vegan fur pom poms from AheadHunter, which are handmade in Austria and guaranteed animal-free!

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