Herrengedeck - Knitted for the man

Knitting is supposedly a women's subject. Women knit, so most of the pattern are for women's designs. But women also knit their loved ones. Historically, knitting was a male profession. That was a long time ago, but even today there are of course men who knit - and there seem to be more of them again. We are very happy about this and therefore want to devote ourselves here in detail to designs for men.

Perhaps we also step back a little from the categories of women's fashion and men's fashion. Because often designs can be interpreted unisex. The sizes for sweaters, for example, are usually based on the chest circumference, for hats on the head circumference, for socks on the shoe size ... Scarves and shawls are size-independent anyway. So if you like a model and the pattern fit the size, there's nothing to stop you from knitting a women's model for men, too. The other way around, of course, just as well!


Man always needs hats (in winter) - to keep head and ears warm or simply as a fashion accessory.

We have picked out some hats that are either specially designed for men or are so unisex that you can knit them all.