Hello and welcome to Saturday coffee! Today it is especially worthwhile to refine the black gold with some milk foam or a syrup of your choice, because today's designs have the potential to become real cream pieces.

How did I come up with this? The other day I was working on my Jim Sweater (yes, still) finished the first sleeve while thinking about which of the many homespun sweaters, cardigans, and accessories in my closet actually turned out best.

Maybe you know this too: You finish a model, but somehow there is always something you would do differently in retrospect. A different color, a different needle size, longer or shorter - I just always find something to improve. But every now and then I do manage to finish a project according to my ideals. As a real cream piece it is then worn permanently and hardly finds its way into the closet.

By the way, my favorite cream piece is the Reagan Cardigan by Isabell Kraemer. Worked in Duo of Sandnes in the color putty. I love it, it just goes with everything, both color and fashion.

I have found for you a few great models, of which I am sure that among them also your personal cream piece is waiting!

Summer sweaters forward!

Yes, even in summer I am rarely without a sweater on the road. Of course, I save the thick merino qualities for the colder season. Instead, I love to use cotton and other vegetable fibers.

Der Lines Sweater sitzt angenehm locker. Foto: © Simone Ryan.
Die Ballon-Ärmel sorgen für Viel Luft auf der Haut. Foto: © Simone Ryan.

The Lines Sweater (Summer Edition) by Simone Ryan has everything a summer sweater needs: a deep V-neck, balloon sleeves and a pretty geometric pattern.

You knit the model seamlessly from top to bottom. The overlapping shoulders provide a casual fall. Note that the pattern of crossed stitches is included in the instructions only as a diagram and not written out.

With Ica from Lamana you use a pure cotton quality, which is a bit shorter in the running length. This means the finished sweater will end up a little heavier than the original. If you are already thinking about autumn, you will be happy with Como Grande from Lamana will be happy. The cuddle factor of the sweater increases significantly, but its weight is reduced.

One butterfly alone...

Die zarten Schmetterlinge finden sich vor allem auf der Schulter wieder. Foto: © Hanna Maciejewska.

...does not make summer (I know, the saying went differently), but when filigree butterflies settle on a shirt - that is pure summer, isn't it?

Motyle wirkt auf den ersten Blick recht Schlicht, aber schaut auf die Details! Foto: © Hanna Maciejewska.

Motyle is Polish and translated means 'butterfly'. In this design, the namesakes are on the shoulder and at the bottom, just before the cuff.

The designer Hanna Maciejewska has worked out the shirt as a top-down model, which means that you knit from the top down here as well. Shortened rows shape the neck and shoulders. Practical details are also the finishes, which are worked in the doubleface technique to avoid curling.

Pinta by Pascuali is a fine yarn made of virgin wool, silk and ramie. The fine lace butterflies certainly come into their own here. By the way, we expect new colors of this yarn classic soon. Just bookmark yourselves already.

As a summery alternative we recommend Mandarin Petit from Sandnes.

Warming to throw over

Some people don't wear scarves around their necks even in summer. At least that's what I heard once.

Since we knitters, however, for reasons rather do not belong to this group, I would like to introduce to you Stilt from Martin Storey.

The stole is wonderfully large, so it can keep you warm on cool summer nights. Since it is made of pure cotton, you can wear it during the day Stilt but you can also wear it during the day in the sun.

You'll knit a pattern that consists of picked-up stitches. You'll use a total of three different colors so that it makes a subtle stripe pattern.

At Summerlite 4 Ply from Rowan you have the agony of color choice. Deviating from the original, I can also imagine a really gaudy variant.

With Merino from Knitting for Olive you could make the model 'cold-fit' by the way. Please also look here at the huge color palette, which makes a decision almost impossible - and thank me later 😉

Eine Stola, Die auch im Sommer geht: Stilt von Martin Storey. Foto: © MEZ Crafts UK Ltd.

One top still goes!

When I look around the team and on Instagram, I see that we are all in top fever. The beautiful sunny days also make it really hard to get past the pretty designs.

Das Olden Top light ist schlicht, aber fein. Foto: © Witre Design.
Auch der Rücken ist tief ausgeschnitten. Foto: © Witre Design.

One top in particular has caught my fancy: the wonderfully simple model Olden Top Light from Witre Design. Both the front and the back are adorned with beautiful V-necks, whereby the back neckline is slightly lower.

You knit from the bottom up, divide the work at the level of the armholes and finally sew the straps together at the top. You can work with Line from Sandnes or you can use a pure linen yarn. And what would be more suitable than our all time favorite Løvetand from CaMaRose? As a team, we're still quite enamored with the delicate and rather muted colors.

Attitude, dear people!

Don't worry, we're not in the military! And, let's be honest: we knitters already embody a certain attitude when we knit in public, for example. Isn't it true that we also like to show our love for slow fashion and handmade goods?

Everyday Attitude: Für mehr gestreifte Shirts auf den Nadeln! Foto: © Knit with Attitude.

The shirt Everyday Attitude by Susanne Sommer does not only carry this attitude in its name - for me it is a great basic piece that fits into every closet.

Although the cut looks quite simple, but the design contains some nice details. The shirt is knitted from the top down in a garter stitch, and the shoulders are shaped in an 'unusual' way. However, the designer does not reveal more in her notes on Ravelry (memo to me: buy instructions!).

Neck and armholes are knitted plain right so that they curl in slightly. Work the lower cuff as a doubleface cuff.

We have two yarn recommendations for this model. With Sparrow by Quince & Co. you will get very close to the feel of the original, since you are knitting with a pure linen yarn. If you can't warm up to linen, you should take a look at the Organic Cotton from Krea Deluxe. My colors here would be definitely 51 Koksgrå and 07 Pudder, hach....

And another basic model...

I like timeless designs. Cuts and colors that can be combined with as many things as possible, facilitate my fashion life immensely. To all those who feel the same way, I would like to show the Cozy Classic Light show.

Kommt ohne Firlefanz aus: Der Cozy Classic light. Foto: © Jessie Maed Designs.
SChaut euch die langen Raglanlinien an! Foto: © Jessie Maed Designs.

This chic sweater may seem a bit nondescript, but does it always have to be extravagant and fancy? The Cozy Classic Light has everything a sweater needs: medium width cuffs and extra long raglan lines.

You knit it from the top down. Shortened rows form the neck, at the same time you increase stitches for the sleeves before they are shut down. Continue comfortably in rounds and plain right. Pick up the sleeve stitches at the end and knit round after round until the ribbed cuff is finished.

Conveniently, we've picked out the perfect yarn for you here too! With Saffira by Pascuali, a noble blend of silk and merino wool, you get a lightweight yet warming garment.

Team strong cream pieces!

Further above I already told you that my cream piece of the Reagan by Isabell Kraemer from Duo (Sandnes). Especially for you (and for the sake of my curiosity) I started a little survey in the Maschenfein team and now I present you the result.

Marisa loves her Balloon Jacket jacket from a tutorial by Petite Knit. She especially liked the mix of Como Grande and Premia (both Lamana).

Sandra immediately decided on the Girlfriends Cardigan from Ankestrick. As soon as the temperatures drop below 22 °C, she lives in her cream piece in the version with - very important! - Cashmere 6/28 Organic from Pascuali.

Some time ago Jule discovered the Marta V-Neck from Lotilda for herself and worked it in the variant from Midnatsol (CaMaRose). For her the perfect companion on cooler summer evenings!

Louisa is a real expert in fair isle knitting. Therefore, her cream sweater can only consist of at least two colors, of course. It is the Badger and Bloom Sweater from Anne Ventzel. She has used Snefnug (CaMaRose), one of our favorite yarns.

According to Arlene 's own statement, she has one single piece in which she has not found a "mistake" (= individual peculiarities, translation by me) afterwards. This is a scarf in the patent pattern from Midnatssol (CaMaRose).

Judith has named a true summer classic as her cream tea. The Friday Tea from Petite Knit she knitted from Sunday knit and wears it up and down this season.