Gifts for knitters

To make others happy with self-knitted gifts is undoubtedly nice. But of course we knitters are also happy about smaller and larger gifts. Because for the most beautiful hobby in the world, you need not only instructions and yarn, but also some accessories. This theme world is therefore all about you and your wishes! Have fun browsing!

Very basic: knitting needles

Einer unserer Nadelfavoriten ist das Set von Chiaogoo.
Foto: © Ines Grabner/Maschenfein

One thing is clear: knitting without needles? It (almost) never works. And that's why they're right at the top of our wish list. Needle sets are especially popular for Christmas or birthdays. Our favorite at Maschenfein is the needle set from Chiaogoo, which is available with bamboo or metal needles. Note the different threads here - depending on which needle size is used.

In addition to Chiaogoo, however, we also carry needles from other manufacturers, including Lykke and KnitPro. These two systems are compatible with each other. By the way: We also carry needle sets from all manufacturers - individually and as a set. So if you are looking in this area, you will also find what you are looking for at Maschenfein. Crochet hooks round out our assortment - because even with knitting, it's okay to look outside the box!

Auch Nadeln verdienen ein schönes Zuhause. Und schöne Nadeltaschen gibt es auf jeden Fall bei Maschenfein!
Fotos: © Twig & Horn / Ines Grabner/Maschenfein

If you want to store your knitting needles nicely, you will of course also find what you are looking for at Maschenfein. Needle bags by Twig & Horn or Cohana make sure that your most important accessories are well and safely stowed away. Our favorites: the new colors of the Canvas needle bag from Twig & Horn or the Mikawa Momen Bag from Cohana.

What applies to knitting needles, of course, also applies to the corresponding cases: They simply look particularly good in practical project bags. We also have a whole lot of them in the Maschenfein store.

Taschen kann man – Richtig! – nie genug haben.
Fotos: © Minuk / Muud / Twig & Horn

A real classic is for example our handmade project bag from Minuk. You can find them in two different sizes. But besides the small Hamburg label we also carry bags from muud from Denmark or the US company Twig & Horn.

Our range is rounded off by smaller zipper bags - perfect for small projects to go. From Berlin, for example, come the bags from Kaliko, each with a different floral print. If you're looking for larger models, check out the bags from Mien Berlin.

Kleiner Zippertaschen runden das Sortiment ab.
Foto: © Ines Grabner/Maschenfein

PetiteKnit bags and accessories

In addition to many great knitting tutorials, Danish designer Mette Wendelboe Okkels aka PetitaKnit now also sells beautiful knitting accessories.

Ob Projekttaschen oder praktisches Zubehör: Bei PetiteKnit gibt es mittlerweile eine große Auswahl.
Fotos: © PetiteKnit

In our store you will find a selection of practical project bags as well as some accessories. Among them is also the Knitter's Tool Kitwhich makes a wonderful gift.