Hello and welcome to Saturday Coffee! The time has really come: the summer vacation season is over. Even in the southernmost parts of the country, everyday life is returning. But that's no reason to fall into the autumn blues: Preparation is the key word!

In case some of you are already rolling your eyes: Don't worry, I'm staying away from good advice for planning the day with kith and kin - my dachshund girl already presents me with one or two challenges. Instead, we are planning a little ahead with you today: After all, what could be better than knitting a few rounds after a busy day! Exactly. And if the pattern and wool are already at hand, you can relax and get started.

That's why today we have a lot of suggestions and knitting inspirations to browse, plan and - of course - start knitting!

Grandpa says hello! Stylish cardigan

Grandpa or grandma style has enjoyed great popularity for years. What was first a trend among young people who liked to store secondhand and who cared about sustainability was quickly taken up by the big fashion houses.

The Edgar Cardigan cardigan reminds a bit of this style. The boxy cut makes for a cozy fit, and the pithy horn buttons add a fitting finish. At the same time, designer Johanna Gehrisch allows for playful elements with an interesting ribbed cuff construction. The cardigan is knit top down in rows with decorative raglan lines. We can only agree with the yarn recommendation of the original: Heavy Merino and Soft Silk Mohair from KNITTING FOR OLIVE is available ready to order in the knitting kit.

By the way, for those who find this design familiar: there is a predecessor. The Edgar Sweater can also be found as a kit in the store.

Edgar Cardigan
Edgar Cardigan PHOTO: © kolibri by johanna

It's not too late...

Leuto tea
Leuto Tea PHOTO: © Ronja Hakalehto

... for a touch of late summer. This design had already taken me two months ago. When the last coffee before the summer break was pending, however, the test knitting of Ronja Hakaletho was not yet completed. Therefore, either for super fast knitters*innen or for all who are already planning for the spring (you can not think early enough about such things ...) - the Leuto Tea. Knitted from the summer hit Pure Silk by KNITTING FOR OLIVE, but not in one strand, but double stranded, which gives the shirt its grippy yet flowing structure. The central detail of the otherwise pleasantly minimalist shirt is the button placket. A good opportunity to dedicate yourself to the topic of buttonhole knitting!

For our German speaking knitters: The pattern of the Finnish designer is currently only available in English - if you need support, you can always download the Maschenfein translation overview of English knitting terms in the store.

The quick shawl for in between

A wide scarf, a sweeping stole - all wonderful to wrap up nicely. But before it becomes real woolen cuddly weather, you could quickly put on one or the other little shawl to protect the neck from the cool breeze in the morning.

Useful and also decorative solves this task Scarf No. 2 from My Favourite Things Knitwear. The pattern for the structure pattern scarf offers two size variants and it is now also available in German translation. So nothing stands in the way of a relaxed in-between project of knit and purl stitches. Since it is a lightweight and not much yarn is used, maybe one or the other of you would like to treat yourself to the Maschenfein favorite among the noble yarns: Cashmere 6/28 BIO From PASCUALI. Otherwise Como from LAMANA would also be a very nice option.

Scarf No. 2
Scarf No. 2 PHOTO: © My Favourite Things Knitwear
I Love Stripes
I Love Stripes Bandana PHOTO: © Paulastrickt

And because stripes always go and such a quick shawl should not live alone, here is a second recommendation for a short project: The I Love Stripes Bandana by Paula M. is available in a wonderful fall version made of Verona by LAMANA (50 % virgin wool, 30 % silk, 20 % cashmere - love at first touch, I promise!). By the way, for the single color you need only two balls in total; for the stripes one ball of the contrasting color is enough. Click here for the knitting kit...

And who would like to knit even more little shawls for themselves or dear fellow humans - here are a few recommendations to browse:

Sweater on prescription: first aid in sweater knitting

If you've read a few Saturday Coffees of mine, you know: I'm always particularly interested in the stories behind the designs. In this case, I actually came across the designer first and then her pattern.

The First Sweater is - as the name suggests - the first design by Brit Lizzie Hester. As HIVE Knits she is on Instagram and YouTube. There I got hooked on her exciting tales from everyday life in a hospital in England. Lizzie was a resident in a hospital until recently and is now completing her specialization as a family physician in a practice. Her likeable video podcasts are the perfect side knitting entertainment. That's where her raglan sweater with ribbed sleeves lends itself perfectly. The PASCUALI combination makes it especially elegant and fluffy. Saffira and Manada. If you're looking for a more affordable project, you're in the right place with the yarn alternative Edelweiss Alpaca 4-ply from KREMKE SOUL WOOL is more budget-friendly, but certainly just as beautiful.

The First Sweater
The First Sweater PHOTO: © Lizzie Hester

News from Norway: The new Sandnes booklet is here!


Even though it's always the right time of year for us knitting maniacs to get our needles rattling, autumn is also the time for casual knitters to get out their baskets again. Since the manufacturers also know this, many new designs, yarns and the like come onto the market at this time of year. Marisa presents many of them to you daily on Instagram. So it's always worth taking a look at her Maschenfein stories. There you could already take a look at the new issue of SANDNES GARN: SANDNESMAGAZINE 2210 - DIY.

You'll find lots of "genser" in the magazine. Die-hard fans of Norwegian wool art already know that this is the word for sweaters. Of course, you'll also find other great desgns like a cardigan (seen on the cover with cable stitch), a slip-over and fluffy hats among the 15 tutorials.
It's actually hard to pick out a single knitted piece, but I have to admit that I have a personal favorite: Malou Kjole. (A good opportunity, by the way, to expand your Norwegian vocabulary right away - "Kjole" means dress).

Flared skirt, long sleeves, small ruffle collar - quickly a leather or denim jacket over it and you're ready to go for a stroll through town or to the weekly market, I'd say. Of course, such a large project is not knitted quite so quickly. But once you have the fleece combo of Sunday and Tynn Silk Mohair from SANDNES on the needles, then the motivation is definitely there! A sensible knitting plan is, after all, also to take into account that you can always outgrow your own limits and habits (keyword: UFO) ... right?!

Here it goes long to all knitting kits from the new SANDNESMAGAZIN 2210 DIY

Malou Kjole
Malou Kjole PHOTO: © Sandnes GARN