If there was one sentence I've heard most often in the past few days, it was: "I'd like it to be a bit warmer." And yes, it came out of my mouth too. Because what, please, am I supposed to do with 8 degrees in the morning? Or hail showers? Really ...

Of course, I - and you - are prepared for anything when it comes to knitting. Rumor has it that the drawer(s) with the knitted items can no longer be closed properly. But the question of what to knit next still remains. I have to come up with ideas and then weigh them up carefully. As we all know, it's more fun together. With this in mind, have a wonderful good morning for an all-round carefree knitting Saturday coffee!

The stripes make me all fuzzy

Olga Sweater 1
Look at the shoulders. How beautiful! Olga sweater from PetiteKnit.
Photo: ©️ PetiteKnit

A few weeks ago, I told myself that long-sleeved wool sweaters really weren't the right choice for the upcoming coffee breaks. Summer tops are the order of the day and light cardigans at most. Well, plans are made to be changed.

And since the sheep's cold has us in its grip and I can't make any weather forecasts for the coming weeks, I've decided to simply show you everything we like at Maschenfein. And if it's something made from pure new wool, then so be it. Olga Sweater, welcome!

The new model from PetiteKnit (okay, one of the new designs from PetiteKnit) is a beautiful striped sweater made from Peer Gynt by Sandnes. The yarn was one of your absolute favorites last fall/winter season and PetiteKnit ... I don't need to say anything more. She sells washing machines now? Okay, I'll buy my next washing machine in Denmark.

Of course, knitwear is the obvious choice and I have to say, the Olga sweater is making me all jittery. As you know, I swore off stripes some time ago, which is why it's high time to break this belief. This sweater is definitely for me.

And you! Knit from the top down as usual. First you work the back in rows, shaping the shoulder slopes with short rows. I really like this detail! Continue in rounds under the arms. The sleeves are also worked in rounds up to the cuffs and the neckline is worked at the very end. If the summer stays the way it's preparing to be - with the Olga Sweater I'll at least look good in the wind and rain!

Olga Sweater 2
In combination with French Market Bag - also very nice! Olga Sweater.
Photo: ©️ PetiteKnit

Those who continue to freeze ...

Anne Ventzel - Bella Blocking
Whenever the weather makes it necessary: with the Bella Blocking we look great despite gray clouds.
Photo: ©️ Anne Ventzel

The following from Anne Ventzel also goes perfectly with the PetiteKnit model: I hadn't yet considered the Bella Blocking for a cup of coffee for well-known reasons, but in view of the weather I want to be more flexible again. And can you see the photo? Anne Ventzel is standing on the beach! There you go. So the design has already been tested for wind and weather suitability.

Of course it's beautiful too! The upper part of the sweater is in a contrasting color, the rest of the body is knitted in a contrasting color. As with the Robinia range, the small semicircles are eye-catching, but here they are presented in a completely different way.

In our knitting set you will find the wonderful Snefnug from CaMaRose. Virgin wool is also used here, but in a completely different way to Peer Gynt. The fibers, mixed with alpaca, are blown into a kind of cotton tube. The result is a soft, warming yarn. We really like it at Maschenfein!

While looking for patterns for the Käffchen, I came across Augustins No 19 by Anne-Sophie Velling by chance. At first I thought it was a new design because I didn't know the photos, but no - the pattern has been around for a long time and we've had a matching set to knit with it for a long time.

I know that the Danish designer's designs (the third in this round today - no offense intended!) are not to everyone's taste. Often a little playful, sometimes quite opulent, they are of course special pieces, but I like them.

Augustins No 19
I imagine it would be great on a fresh summer's day: Augustins No 19.
Photo: ©️ Anne-Sophie Velling
Augustins No 19
Not too playful: Augustin's No 19.
photo: ©️ Anne-Sophie Velling

Augustins No 19 is also one of the simpler designs. It is knitted from the top down, with the back being longer than the front. The yoke is worked in stockinette and the softly draped body is created by increases.

We stuck with the original yarn: Organic Cotton and Deluxe Silk Mohair from Krea Deluxe. A Danish manufacturer and I promise you, I'm about to close the Scandinavian jar for today (for you, that is - mine is always open and radiates hygge). The combination is soft and cozy, but not too warm thanks to the cotton. A piece for cooler summer days!

For even more summer feelings

Of course, I don't want to be a complete pessimist here - the weather forecast for the coming week promises warmer temperatures (and rain, but well - when can you have everything). The little bell tee from Sharon Maninger, who you know as Kleinigkeitenliebe, definitely fits into this colorful mix of autumn and summer today.

Knit from the top down in the round. The neckline, sleeves and hem are finished with an I-cord. If you like, you can knit a hole round before the end, into which you can thread a cord or ribbon.

For the yarn, you can choose Line from Sandnes. The quality is one of my favorites for warm temperatures and is incredibly comfortable to wear on the skin. You can find the pattern on Ravelry or directly on Sharon's website - the exact quantities for the yarn are also listed there. Size M, for example, requires six balls of Line.

Bell tee by Sharon Maninger aka Kleinigkeitenliebe.
Photo: ©️ Sharon Maninger

This is how it works with the weather

Leela Top
Summer must be coming: Leela Top from Caidree.
Photo: ©️ Caidree

The Leela Top from Caidree is a real summery piece. You knit this from Nepal by Pascuali - cotton and linen are used on your needles here and, like Line, this quality is also ideal for warm temperatures.

In addition to the cross ribs, the square neckline is a real eye-catcher. It is knitted from the top down. So far, the pattern are only available in English, but from what I know of Caidree, I can well imagine a translation into German. As there are no sleeves to knit and therefore no stitch increases, this might be a good starter project for anyone who hasn't knitted according to English pattern before. You can definitely find a knitting kit here.

To close the circle to the beginning of this little coffee, I have to show you this cool sweater: Albina from Caitlin Hunter, who you may know as boylandknitworks from Instagram, came across it on Ravelry and - oh boy - I was immediately smitten.

Stripes just do something to me. And I say that while wearing my bobbie from Pam Allen, which I live in for a good part of the year. Even if I sometimes curse while knitting because I forgot to take the yarn with me and end up with (a lot of) sewing work waiting for me: I just like stripes too much.

Like Bobbie, you knit Albina from the bottom up. Work in the round up to the arms, then knit the front and back separately before joining them again at the shoulders. The sleeves are also worked in the round. To match the gauge and the summery flair, we recommend double organic cotton from Krea Deluxe, one of the most beautiful cotton yarns we stock. The pattern are available in English on Ravelry. And can you see the beach photo? Destiny, I tell you!

Of course I couldn't get past it: Albina by Caitlin Hunter.
Photo: ©️ Caitlin Hunter

Back again

Merchant and Mills - cotton buttons
Freshly restocked button rack: you'll find these red ones among the cotton buttons.
Photo: ©️ Merchant & Mills

It's a lover's product, but nevertheless we are very happy that our button shelf has been restocked. Marisa herself has packed buttons in bags and sent them to the warehouse - so from now on you can browse through all the buttons from Merchant & Mills again.

There are different types and sizes, for example cotton buttons with a diameter of 15 mm or hemp buttons with a diameter of 20 mm. They are packaged in sets of four or six. I recently sewed on the bright yellow cotton buttons - and I am simply thrilled.

News from the design forge

At the end of our Saturday coffee today, I'm taking you on a tour of our fine design workshop. Lisa and Katharina are hard at work on new designs, some of which are already being tested and you won't have to wait much longer to see them.

A maschenfein summer cardigan is created here.
Photo via Instagram: ©️ instagram.com/schnieslii

Lisa has a maschenfein summer cardigan on her needles - and it's already with the test team! It's knitted from Perla by Lamana, a beautiful blend of cotton, alpaca and silk.

It's not my fault that Lisa also took her photo on the beach! But it fits in so nicely with today's coffee, you can't help it. And I'm really looking forward to this model. I don't think it hurts to have a cardigan to hand from time to time this summer. And with the fiber material, it's definitely something for fall.

Of course, we are also working on classic summer designs. Katharina is working on a top made of Pure Silk from Knitting for Olive. The test knit has already started here too.

With its stripes, this model also fits in wonderfully with the coffee pattern. I'm not the only one who loves stripes! And Pure Silk is an incredibly beautiful silk yarn that is very comfortable to wear against the skin. I can promise you that!

Katharina takes care of a summer top made of Pure Silk from Knitting for Olive.
Photo via Instagram: ©️ instagram.com/knittingforelse

As you can see, there's always a lot going on behind the scenes. So much so that it's high time for a get-together. That's why we're taking a break from Saturday coffee next week, because we'll be spending a few days together as a team in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. We'll be working there too, of course, but the time will be a little different than usual. I'll have a lot to talk about in the next Saturday Coffee the following week. Stay tuned!

Until then, I wish you a lovely weekend with lots of knitting time and lots of fun browsing our Maschenfein site!


About Sophia

I'm Sophia, live in Hannover and since October 2020 I've been taking care of the blog posts, the newsletter, planning the podcast and coming up with actions for social media. By the way, I also happen to be a knitting addict, which benefits me at work.

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Dear Sophia,

Thank you for the weekly Saturday coffee, which I usually enjoy with a cup of coffee and a Stroopwaffle to make me feel really "in Europe". (I live in Florida) Due to where I live, I would like to have more silk and cotton yarns, plus I'm itchy with any wool except Kashmir 🙂 But the designs are great and I'm really looking forward to the summer cardigan, even though I probably won't get the yarn here?

Best wishes from sunny and hot Florida
Your Susanne


Dear Susanne, thank you so much for your comment! And how great that we even have readers in the USA. With the temperatures, I can of course understand that you prefer different fiber material than we do here, for example. Unfortunately, we don't ship to the USA, but we have had customers who have had their yarn sent to friends or relatives in Germany and then picked it up or brought it with them when they visited. It's not the easiest way, but it has worked. 😉 Lamana also has a list of retailers with stores in the USA: https://lamana.de/de/haendler/us In any case, you can look forward to summer designs - there will definitely be a lot more coming from us and other designers in the next few weeks. Best wishes from a slightly fresher Hanover! Sophia


Dear Sophia, I look forward to your "Saturday coffee" every Saturday. Thank you for your light and airy, humorous tips on new knitting pattern.
I wish you a good time together as the Maschenfein knitting team here in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and look forward to hearing about it from you.
Best regards


Dear Jana, thank you very much for your kind message and your kind wishes! We will report back and are looking forward to our time in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Best regards and see you next time! Sophia

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